Awning device please (META device)

I have a sunsetter awning and a Somfy ZRTSI RTS 16 Channel Z-Wave that controls it. I have a contact sensor to determine when it is open/closed as the somfy doesn't reliably report open/close if changed from somfy remote.

Is there away to combine the switch in the somfy zrtsi and the contact into a "META Device" to make it look like a garage door controller... and then can we get a awning control tiles like garage?

On a different but related subject. Other than the STUPID laws that the garage door opener has to beep and flash for 10 seconds before open/close if unattended. why not use a relay, contact and a META device to create a garage door controller. The one I have is known to fail when the LED burns out. I've fixed by putting a resistor over LED. but I'm already BREAKING the law.. and could put in a dual relay and two tilt/contact sensor and have both doors setup instead of replacing the with a known defective product.

This is already done. Check out the Hubduino project.

This could be done through a Parent/Child Relationship I assume but someone with more experience with that would have to chime. The one question I had after reading your question was why did you want them to be in the same device? Add the parent/child devices actually would leave you with 3 devices in the end instead of 2. So, actually, it would be more complicated. What are you trying to accomplish by having them in the same "meta device" as you call it?

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my understanding tiles tie to a device. currently I have two tiles. one to show the state of the awning contact is open/closed and another for the switch to initiate open/close. I'd like my awning to be like my garage door one button on the dashboard that shows state and is pressable to allow for opening and closing. and a pretty icon :>

the garage door opener controllers have a tile/contact sensor and a switch. thought using the same pattern for the awning would make sense.

The Garage Door Opener (GDO) definition doesn't explicitly identify the tilt sensor, it's integrated into the response.

There's one Attribute: door, with an Enumerated set of values: unknown, open, closing, closed and opening.

Triggering the Door, would seem to put it into "ING" as in openING or closING. :smiley: Then the tilt sensor kicks in to cause the value to become open or closed.

If such a driver could be created , you would end up with a single device.

What driver are you using for this? Do you have a link to it?

As @Ryan780 mentioned, HubDuino already combines a relay + contact sensor into a single “Door Control” device. This is the correct all-in-one device for controlling a garage door, or anything similar. Each Garage Door shows up in the Hubitat Dashboard as a single tile. Clicking it presents the user with a confirmation screen, and then it fires the relay which automatically turns back off (simulating someone pressing the traditional wall button.)

I have one microcontoller in my garage, monitoring and controlling two garage doors, 4 regular house doors, garage motion, and temperature/humidity.

It’s been working for years without a hiccup, except when we had a lightning strike that fried the MCU. Fortunately a new MCU is only about $10.

The base node has no driver attached. The child devices just use generic switch or dimmer.

Ryan I have not looked closely at hubdrio yet. Does it combine only Adriano devices or include zigbee zwave devices

HubDuino only works with devices directly attached to the Arduino or ESP8266 micro controller. Communications to the HE hub are via local LAN/WiFi connectivity.

At the risk of getting off topic, why are these laws stupid?

I'm sorry, I'm not really understanding you here. You say you have a parent device but there is no driver attached (i don't understand how that is) but the parent has child devices that use generic switch or dimmer. First off, you can't have a device in Hubitat without a driver being set for the device. That's just the way the system works. Second, you can't have a child device without the parent creating it so there has to be a driver for the parent. Can you show a screenshot of what you are talking about?

Thanks for having this info on here spokra, I just set up my Sunsetter and Zrtsi the way you show above. Did you ever figure out a better driver for the awning? I hate turning the awning "off" and "on". I know nothing about coding drivers but this makes we want to learn.

I have not. The garage door controller looks promising to be modified to accommodate an awning also. Maybe someone will enhance. :grin: As my coding ability is not up to the challenge.

Probably not to many of us with Zrtsi and awnings. I like your idea of a sensor to tell if it is closed. I may do that. Learning to code drivers would be interesting but who has the time?