Away mode for thermostat scheduler?

I was wondering if there's a good way to program an away mode for the thermostat scheduler? I took a vacation for a week and would've been nice to have a vacation mode to override the default schedule. Any help would be much appreciated.

Under “Restrictions”, you can set a switch that will disable the thermostat scheduler. You also have the option to turn them off (on the same screen) if that is what you are looking for.

If you prefer to set it to a different temperature (Ex.: 10 Celsius in the winter), then you could setup a rule in RM that sets the temperature to 10 on each thermostat, triggered by the same switch.

Would that work for you?

@Sebastien Hi, I think this sounds like what I am looking for, but haven't been able to do with the Schedule with Modes or EcoMode settings in the Thermostat Scheduler. Issue I am having is I don't have enough "Modes" to cover all the set points on the schedule and EcoMode only drops the set temperature by X degrees from where it is currently set. Not exactly what I want. Currently I have two heat pumps on two Thermostat Schedulers that works really well, however when I am away (Mode Armed) the schedule continues on as if I am home using unnecessary electricity. So what I'd like to do is have the thermostat set to a predetermined setting (regardless of where it is set currently by the Scheduler) and hold that setting until my Mode is Disarm, i.e. I return home. I only use two Modes currently Arm and Disarm. Does that sound like what your suggesting can do?

so I took @Sebastien advice and downloaded sharptools to create a virtual button. All the virtual button did was have 2 states. On and off.

Then in the Thermostat schedule app, I added a restriction to say, if virtual button on, turn off scheduler.

So when the virtual button is on, it sets my thermostats to 79*F.

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Ok, let me give that a whirl. I think I also need a rule to drop the temp when the switch has been actuated somehow. Just turning off the scheduler will leave the thermostat at it's current setpoint (I think)

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So I setup a Virtual Switch, and used it under restrictions in the Thermostat Scheduler, when the switch is on it prevents the schedule from running. I made this rule to let the switch follow the mode, on / arm, off / disarm. The mode changes with my phones geo location from the Hubitat App. When I leave, the mode is armed, the switch is on, the Scheduler is restricted and the Garage Minisplit sets to 16 degs (and hopefully stays there). Then when I come home, the mode is disarm, the switch is off, the Scheduler is back to normal and sets the garage minisplit back to the settings I assigned by time in the Scheduler. Seems to work. I am just learning rules so I not certain what I have done is correct logically in the Rules app.

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