Awair Element and Hubitat - 2022

Looking for anyone with recent experience using Awair Element and Hubitat.

I'm thinking about buying several as they seem to have the most sensors and they check the most boxes in the Smart Air Quality Monitor Survey I did.

Any caveats/issues to be awair of?

This device has not been tested by our engineers, so a built-in integration is not available.

However, it looks like there were a few community efforts to get this device integrated, but I am not sure of their progress. You may want to chime in the following threads:

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As mentioned by bobbyD, the Awair devices don't have built-in support. There are a few community options, and they work okay. The Hubitat-Air-Connect driver works by polling the external Awair API and requires Internet access (and the Awair servers to be working). The one from DigitalBodyGuard polls the devices directly on the local network and so doesn't depend on external access.

I've actually been working on cleaning up the driver written by DigitalBodyGuard, but haven't published it independently yet. I was trying to get the changes integrated but they seem to have disappeared.

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Hi, I wrote the cloud based integration, it works fine, but I didn't know it's possible to integrate locally, will look into this.

Regarding the device itself, after using for a couple years, the particle sensor always reports high levels, like it is blocked. Also, sometimes it looses wifi connection.

Got One device. I'm playng with the driver.
It Is unclear what "Path address" parameter is

it should be set to /air-data/latest

It Is. nonetheless it does not work.
I got the awair ip from the Fing app, so I'm confident It Is true

[SOLVED] I had to enable the Device API inside the mobile app. It Is disabled by default in the Elements model...

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