Average All Device Driver

I am trying to use the @Cobra Average All app. The references to Virtual Device confused me into thinking that was the device driver needed. i.e. "Virtual Temp Sensor". After rereading the warnings in the logs I realized there is an "Average All Device Driver" that is necessary as well.

When I try to install the Device Driver I get this error:
"No signature of method: Script1.definition() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.LinkedHashMap) values: [[name:Average All, namespace:Cobra, author:Andrew Parker, description:Parent App for Average All ChildApps , ...]]"

Cobra Apps v 2.6.0
Average All v 1.4.0
Average All Child v 2.3.1

The Link I am trying to import, from the Average All Device Driver page is https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CobraVmax/Hubitat/master/Apps/Average%20All/parent.groovy
This link appears to be the parent app
This leaves me wondering:

  1. Is the Device Driver supposed to be included in the Parent App? It's not in the dropdown list for me currently
  2. Should I be trying to import this as an App rather than a Driver?

Any hints on if this driver is part of the parent package or what package I should import to get that option in my device driver list is appreciated!

Notes: I just found a github driver that seems to load:

The version linked on hubitat.uk appears stale/wrong at the moment here:

Thanks for reporting. Iโ€™ll take a look and update.

Should anyone find any other duff links, Iโ€™d appreciate a tag, so I can resolve it.


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Page updated and links checked. apologies for that one :+1:


Lol, actually I had the same problem with the same link, I went to the github and found the driver. Thanks for updating.

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Thanks Roy

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I can't register on the hubitat.uk page - the captcha constantly fails.

The GitHub link comes up page not found.

Login wasn't required before. I'm guessing the shields are up while they work something out on the site?!

Are you using iOS by any chance?

Brave (Chromium) and FireFox browsers - from macOS.

Just tried again and worked. Now pending approval.

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Actually, the site will be membership only now.
Membership is free and registration can be done now.
BUT, the site isnโ€™t ready yet so we have not enabled login yet

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Approval wonโ€™t be for a while until we are ready for the site to go live

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Yup, we got the mail, so all good, thanks for persevering. Seems to be an issue for Mac/iOS devices for some reason.

Good to know - thanks.

In the mean time - how/where can we get current app/device driver?

Have you looked at Hubitat's github? @bravenel has posted several averaging apps (averageHumidity, averageTemperature, averageIlluminance). They are easy to use, and can be leveraged to average anything else you want.


Yes, I have looked at those, but here's the NOOB problem... how do I set the temperature of a virtual temp sensor = the average of x others?

That's what I like about the Average All app - It does precisely that :slight_smile:

That is exactly what @bravenel's apps do. Have you tried installing any of them?

The averaged value is placed in a virtual sensor.

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DOH - yes, I installed it before my last post. I then went to my Devices page and filtered for "test" and didn't find it. Kinda missed a step and didn't refresh the page first! My bad.

Ok, next question - how often is the average calculated/adjusted? Would hope it is "if x,y,z temp is changed - then run this app".

When any of the sensors being averaged change in value. You can test this very easily as such:

  1. Create two virtual sensors, and give them different values.
  2. Create an average app that averages them.
  3. Every time you change the value of either one, the averaged value will change.
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