AV control ideas

Hi All. im using roomie remote to control all of my AV my setup is as follows.

A central rack housing all of my network switches, hue, media server, Apple TV, Chromecast ect. This can all be distributed to all rooms via an HDMI matrix.

IR commands are sent via WIFI/IP to IR Itach controllers

Each location has its own display and an apple tv.

Ive been using roomie remote to try to control it all but its the most volatile unreliable software ive come across, it doesnt help that its cloud based and wont work without internet, (our internet connection is not constant, which is why im moving to hubitat)

Im not a total amateur when it comes to this kind of thing but im by no means an expert either. Im not sure about the capabilities of Hubitat but i think if i can integrate the Itach controllers/ apple tvs i might be able to get it to work via HE....

If not can anyone recommend a locally based solution for AV control? i used to use harmoney hub, but the limitation of controlling one hub at a time meant implementation for my setup was not ideal,

Any ideas/suggestions much appreciated.

You mention that using Harmony didn’t work for you since you can connect to only one hub at a time.

If you only want limited control (turn on an activity), Hubitat has a great integration that would allow you to connect multiple hubs.

In my setup, I have 3 Harmony hubs and they are all linked to Hubitat. I can turn on or off any device via voice command or the dashboard. I have also setup some basic commands that I need to run on occasion for some of my activities (Play, Pause, Stop). I set that up via voice commands and some custom Alexa routines that set values on a Virtual dimmer. A rule converts the dimmer values to specific Hubitat/Harmony commands.


Hi Sebastian. Once again thanks for your generous help. I must say this seems to be one of the better forums ive been involved with. ill look into the harmony thing, but i think HE already have me covered!

I found this link.

So it looks like i can already use he with the global cache itacs that i have deployed. Now if only i could find a hard remote with a touch screen to work with it all!