Automation which instantly destroyed near perfect waf

My apartment is near 100% automated (I am running out of ideas what else to automate).
Up to few days ago waf (very hard to get positive points) was near 100% (because nothing is
perfect minor glitches were well tolerated). But I added one automation which destroyed
waf instantly. Couple days ago friend of mine left his apartment while something still was
cooking on a stove. Gladly he rushed back and returned at very right time. Next day he asked
me if it is possible to add remote on/off control for the stove. Sure, this was implemented.
For his apartment I added only remote on/off control (he didn't want anything else) but I went
too far and added few automations. One is to automatically turn off stove if it is still on but
nobody is at home (apartment unoccupied detected). This rule had a bit incorrect logic and
destroyed waf instantly. Of course, I was out and my wife decided to cook something.
But because of incorrect (and unfortunately untested logic) stove was automatically turned
off as soon as she started cooking. Since this was very new rule I did not tell her how
to turn stove on. Imagine what I heard when I returned back to home ...


Good grief. One's own worst enemy for sure!


And the moral of that story is WAF trumps all your good intentions.


I’m quite lucky that my wife is very good with my automations. That said, I think that if I set an automation that would prevent her from cooking, I would not hear the end of it…


Nothing like when I heard my wife yelling from the shower that the water turned off. Seems the drain pipe connection seeped and got the leak sensor in the basement under the shower wet, turning the water valve off right when she was all sudsed up. I have been monitoring that area in the basement since, and no leaks. I even took an extra long shower hoping the leak would show up. It has been 3 weeks since this episode and no leaks. Three people taking showers daily. I didn’t fix anything. The leak sensor was moved until the intermittent leak can be found and fixed. I do not want that to happen again. As soon as I put the leak sensor back, the pipe will leak. Fortunately it is not a pressure leak.


See, this is where I usually say something like, "Phew! Well, thank goodness that was working as intended and saved the day! Electrocutions are not pretty!" Then immediately move out of the area and fix the problem. The best defence is a strong offense, boys.

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