Automation over distance

I am trying to automate landscape/driveway lights to come on (ST outlet) at the house when triggered by motion at the gate.

The gate is on a LAN fiber connection 1,750 ft away from the home.

In the network box at the gate I have a wifi router along with Hubitat but can't figure out how to make the ST sensor talk to the Hubitat and in turn tell ST to turn on the lights....

This may not even be possible but any suggestions on how to make this work would be great. Im open to scrapping everything if there is something smarter or simpler.

Here's what I suggest. Have two Hubitats. One in the house and one by the gate. Pair the ST outlet to the Hubitat in the house and the ST sensor to the Hubitat by the gate. Connect the two Hubitats using HubConnect.

"Export" the ST outlet via HubConnect to the Hubitat at the gate.

Now when the sensor is triggered, the Hubitat at the gate can use a simple automation to turn the outlet on.

P.S. Welcome to Hubitat! This community has taught me that there's more than one approach to every problem - so I'm sure others will chime in with other ideas.


Ah thank you, I did not know you could have two on the same network, assumed there would be conflict.

Ordering one now


You could always move the gate closer to the house. :wink:


Use Hubconnect, it works fantastic. It's as if the 2 hubs are one. Amazing integration