Automation Newbie with Enerwave RSM2 dual-relay switch and big ideas

So, I am new to Hubitat and automation as of last week. I started this journey because of a ceiling fan in my bedroom. My dream is to use my single switch and wire to independently control the fan and light kit, obviously without rewiring, I can't do that. I decided to automate it and bought the hubitat and an enerwave RSM2 dual relay. I got it installed tonight using virtual switches and custom commands and RM 4.0 so I can now control the light and fan separately but if the wall switch is turned off, it all becomes unresponsive of course.

So my idea is if I add another RSM2 behind the wall switch and change my wall single switch to a stacked double wall switch and use only the inputs (aux1 and Aux2) as triggers for the RSM2 in my fan canopy, My problem is on the RSM2 in devices on the dashboard, there is no inputs option so I don't know how to use them as a trigger, I understand how they physically work (electrician by trade) but the software is completely out of my wheelhouse.

I hope I've been clear and concise in my wants/needs, like i said, I am completely new to the hubitat and automation.

Thanks a lot!

Wirenut the power to the Fan in the wall, so that upper (canopy) RSM2 is powered all the time. Then wire your second RSM2 as you describe but with NO LOAD.

All you're trying to do, IF I read this right, is add some "buttons" that can be detected by Hubitat. You'd have a Rule that made the upper RSM2 follow the lower RSM2.

Yes!! You're right on the wiring, there will be no load on the switches and the upper RSM2 will be a constant hot and yes, the wallplate switches will be just buttons that will control the relays......Just had an epiphany, if I wire the switches to to the aux inputs behind the wallplate, I will just create a rule that says when the wall plate RSM2 relay 1 or 2 changes state due to the wallplate switches changing state, to change the appropriate state of the relay in the canopy mounted RSM2, correct? it sounds right in my head, but im still trying to wrap my head around virtual switches and rules and triggers and girls and stuff. lol.

The Dashboard would use the Switch template and thus you could Turn the Fan or Light with a tap/click for the upper RSM2. The lower one wouldn't need to be on the dashboard, since it's only purpose is to have something convenient for a human to interact.

IF Lower Relay 1 is On THEN Upper Relay 1 On ELSE Upper Relay 1 Off
IF Lower Relay 2 is On THEN Upper Relay 2 On ELSE Upper Relay 2 Off

Girls, can't help ya.. complete mystery.

People begin the Home Automation journey wishing for Remote Control of their switches and devices. Eventually they have an ahhhha moment and discover the fully automated home.

I have 4 fans that I added a couple years ago.. I never even bothered to run a wire down the wall. They are hard wired from Day one with a controller in the canopy. Recently I swapped out the older controller for the Hampton Bay Fan Controller (HBFC) and now the fans (and lights) are fully automated. When the temp in a room gets above X, the fan comes on.. when the temp drops below X-4, the fan goes off. Somewhere in each room is the little remote control that comes with the HBFC but as time marches on, they will be harder and harder to find.

My goal is to never touch a wall switch, to never tap a dashboard, to never whip out a phone to make a device as I want it. An Automated house, not a Remote Controlled House.

One day you'll wonder what that Lower RSM2 is doing and will find a new place to use it since no one's touched the switch in a couple months. :slight_smile:

I know you're probably not ready for this but consider...

That 2nd RSM2 cost roughly $60. For $90, you can get a Lutron SmartBridge PRO from Energy Avenue and a Pico remote for $15. The Pico IS a real button device, 5 buttons, and it can mount anywhere, including on the headboard.

OMG, are you my spirit animal? I have the same dream and looked at home automation as a gimmick until I saw the enerware and qbino line of relays. Relays and sensors is to me what makes automation, I dont need to talk to the house, I just need it to do what it's supposed to do and every so often a person will interrupt it but it will go back to doing what it's supposed to in time. I don't necessarily need a dashboard or total control from my phone, but I do need guests and my mother to be able to come into the house and do what they want the way they are used too doing it, so there is a thermostat, there are conventional switches etc. in my opinion it needs to be convenient but not over the top, in your face.
Like you, I have 4 fans and I want the exact thing you've described but with switches for inputs when needed. My home security is completely automated but you still have the option of doing it with keypads in the house or using the smart lock on the front door, if you do nothing, it will take care of itself and the house will always be secure when it's supposed to be.
Thanks for the advice and direction, guess im off to buy a few more things!

There are a lot easier ways to get 100% control over both the speed and to dim the lights on the fan.

For $49 you 100% control both locally and through HE over the speed and the brightness of the lights. Quick and easy.

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Also a sparkly and this is exactly what I'm doing. I have motion sensors doing lights by switches are there for over rides and other people.

For you set up it's abit like mine where I have smart lamps. I have 12-24v to the switch and have a UBS contact device connected to the switch then I do this.
Contact changes (you would switch changes)

IF (lamp switch state is OFF) THEN
Turn ON lamp (fan device for you) and do stuff
Turn OFF lamp (fan device)

Simple as that. You don't need to know the state of the switch "switch" all you want to do is when that changes state change the state of the fan output. This way it will work with other automations because it tests the state before it does something.