Automating Patio Lighting with Door Sensor

I have been working on getting the Hubitat all set up have almost all devices moved over and I am waiting on some new smart switches to be installed. While I wait, I have another project I would like to get started. On our back patio, we will have campfires and use out hot tub. I would like to add outdoor lighting that is controlled by the door sensor. This is what I am thinking.

A door sensor on the sliding door out to the patio would trigger LED string lights on. disable our already existing Arlo camera (our activity wastes a lot of the battery).

What is the best equipment to set this up? I have looked at the
Samsung SmartThings GP-U999SJVLAAA Door and Window Multipurpose Sensor as it is inexpensive and from what others have said, reliable. Can this be used with Hubitat without the SmartThings hub? In addition, I would need an outdoor smart outlet to power the lights and I would need the lights of course. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good way to set this up?

Yes, pretty much any of the Samsung SmartThings Zigbee devices can be used with Hubitat directly. I have had issues with false readings of the door opening and closing multiple times when it never moved when the battery gets low with that device. I have always preferred Iris v2 contact sensors but they are only available on ebay anymore as Iris went out of business. For the Arlo you would need to use IFTTT integration to disable/enable it as I'm not aware of any direct integration but it tends to work pretty well.

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Got this set up today. Used the smartthings multisensor and a GE outdoor switch. Created my first rule in rule machine and it worked as expected. I will be making mire complex rules in the near future. Hubitat has been great thus far and I am glad Iade the switch with recent Wink news.

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