Automating existing wi-fi devices

Hi i am new to hubitat. I purchased the device because it has very power automations and it can integrate with google home. I have a couple of dozen wifi devices (lights, nest thermostat and camera, speakers) my home already. They work nicely with google routines. I purchased a new zigbee contact sensor and want to run automations involving it and wifi devices but i am not able to figure that out.
The existing wifi devices don't show up in hubitat device list despite integration with google home and the zigbee sensor does not show up in google home.
Any help will be appreciated

What wifi devices are they? Are they in the Hubitat driver list?

They are mostly gosund switches, power outlets and led strips.
I also have nest cam and thermostat

You can expose hubitat devices to google fairly easily but exposing Google attached devices to hubitat is a bit more involved. You will need Google Assistant Relay set up on another computer (like an rpi or something that's always on) Read this thread, I went through the same thing. Dumb google question

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