Automating a manual Humidistat with this relay? thoughts

@dylan.c : THANK YOU!
re 3. The directions with the DEH 3000 state that even if no dehumidification is called for, the fan will run for 10 minutes every three hours. I don't think there is any way to turn that off. Although that is probably more than needed, the DEH 3000 is made by the same company who makes the dehumidifier, so I'll leave well enough alone.
4. I agree - if I need to move air more than the 10 min every 3 hours, I will install separate, cheap fans controlled by a smart switch. Right now I don't think that is needed.

Just to confirm - do you mean that instead of as shown, the red wire should go from the Dehumid 24v to the Zen16 red, then the jumper as shown, so there are 2 wires in red and only one wire in R1? (trying to learn here, so if that is correct, is it because with the way I drew it the relay will cut power to the Zen16 when the relay is off?)
Do I have it drawn correct or it does not matter?


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Your diagram looks fine to power the ZEN from the dehumidifier and to allow dual dehumidifier control using the DEH-3000 or the ZEN16.

If you also want fan-only control, you'll need to add another "red" wire from the 24V terminal of the dehumidifier to one side of R2. This could either be an entirely new wire or a jumper from the R1 terminal with the red wire. At some point it gets hard to fit more wires in the terminal and easier to use a wire nut, Wago connector, etc. Then add a new wire from the second side of R2 to the FAN terminal on the dehumidifier. Then R2 will control the fan.

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Finally got this Zen16 installed in parallel with the DEH-3000R control, got the humidity monitors installed (after testing), got the rule written and all is functioning.

@dylan.c : THANK YOU!!! Could not have done this without your help.

An interesting aside - I used the salt slurry in a sealed plastic bag to test my humidity sensors, and they were all within 0.4% of each other except the Abode branded one, which reads about 10% low. So I will probably stop using the Abode branded one. Then I set the sensors in the crawl, including setting one of them right next to the DEH-3000R wired remote sensor (that I could not include in the salt test because it is wired). I found the DEH-3000R remote sensor also reads about 10% low. I also found that no matter how I arrange the sensors, one part of my crawl stays about 5% higher RH than the balance, so a future project is to figure out the most energy efficient way to get some air circulation. Will either extend the duct from the ducted dehumid for more circulation only when the dehumid is on anyway, or install some fans...

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I won't take all the credit... others on this forum have certainly helped me along so that I can pay it forward. Now it's your turn!

And this is the part of automation that really gets me interested... solving real problems!

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I've been using the above setup for over 2 weeks, and at first it was working great.
Today I noticed the dehumidifier seems to have been running for a LONG time, so I checked my Hubigraph charts, and it has been running non-stop for 3 days.

My rule is simply no longer working and I do not understand why. I believe my rule should have turned off the dehumidifier as soon as any of the sensors reported 50% or under. Even if somehow the rule missed a senor, it should have turned off the next time any sensor reported 50% or under. This is the rule:

I've checked the sensors and during this three days it has been running non-stop, the sensors that trigger the app all have multiple events on their device events page that report humidity under 50% AND list my RM rule as a trigger app.
It is wired up parallel with the DEH-3000R, so that could also be a culprit, but I don't think it is for three reasons:

  1. the DEH-3000R has an internally programmed range of 3% below it's setpoint, but is currently at 14% below it's setpoint
  2. I should be able to manually turn the dehumidifier off from the DEH-3000R, but when I do it does not turn off, indicating the DEH-3000R is not what is calling for the dehumidifier to be on, (ie HE vis the Zen16 Relay is calling for it to be on)
  3. The Zen16 Relay for the Dehumid off/on is showing as on via devices and on the dashboard, which in my testing it did not do when the dehumidifier was turned on via the DEH-3000R.

So I have concluded HE/Zen16 is controlling the dehumidifier being on.

To turn it off, I manually clicked the relay off via the device detail page.
But what caused this and how do I avoid it in the future? I thought the < = portion of the rule, along with three separate sensors, would act as a failsafe to turn this thing off, but that did not happen. Where did I go wrong?

ETA: Is it possible the Zen16 dropped off of my Zwave network, and did not reconnect until I pressed off on the device page? Is there a way to check this? I'm asking because when I first went to the log to troubleshoot, I did not see the Zen16 parent or the child relay's listed. They were not listed until I pressed off on the device page, and the log only shows two entries - nothing for the previous 3 days.

Going back and re-reading this post. Did you ever get this resolved? In theory your rule should have worked, but there are other options to get the same results and hopefully be more reliable.

Sort of. I turned off the dehumid via Hubitat, and suspended the rule, and let the thing run via the dumb dehumidistat for a few days. That drove me crazy because the dumb dehumidistat (DEH 3000R) runs the fan for 10 minutes every 3 hours and there is no possible way to stop it from doing that.

So then I decided that having the dumb dehumidistat installed and wired up, mounted on the wall, is sufficient backup for if I croak and noone uses Hubitat. So I set the dumb dehumidistat to off, and edited the Hubitat rule as follows:

  1. Added a 4th sensor that is USB powered and made it a standalone trigger, so the original rule is a trigger, OR the new 4th sensor is a trigger.

  2. Added a condition of the battery powered sensors being online, and if they are not, it goes by the original Z wave USB sensor only.

  3. Widened the band from 3% (on at >53; off at = <50 )
    to 4% (on at >52; off at =<48)

The above seems to have resolved it; at least so far I have no instance of it running for extended periods after the dehumidification setpoint has been met

It has now been running fine for 9 months...

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If you don't mind and have time, I would be very interested in learning about this. I often think there is probably a better, more efficient, etc way to write many rules, so I'd love to learn....

I don't like long, indeterminate delays in the middle of my rules, so I would start with something like this...

It would run every 15 minutes forever. Very low overhead, though. From here you can add your sensor validation, etc.

I would also check out an app called "Averaging Plus." Not sure if it would be useful, but maybe...