Automatic control of lights in a pub

Hey guys very new to hubitat and z wave and after some assistance.

I have 9 qubino dimmers controling various circuits in a pub. I have gone round and made scenes for each circuit based on the time of day and captured the light levels and all seemed good. However when I trigger a scene not all the dimmers respond.

I have been doing lots of research and have heard about rule machine and how it may be a better solution to control so many devices at once but I thought I'd ask here first.

When I control one dimmer at a time it work perfectly it's just when I do them all at once.

Any help would be great, thanks in advance

If scenes are giving you trouble, Rule Machine would definitely be an option. It will take you more time to setup, but once you have it set, it should be very reliable.

You could also try splitting the scenes into 2 or more in case that makes a difference.

Have you tried fiddling with the activation optimization toggle? I find sometimes I have a problematic scene and that can resolve the issue.