Automated lighting with Caseta switches

[Yes, I'm suddenly choosing to migrate from another hub's platform. (: ]

I've got 8 Caseta in-wall switches installed, as well as Pico remotes, that have worked fine over several years. All switches control a hard-wired overhead light (dimmable) or outlet (lamp + Cree/Philips non-smart, dimmable LED bulb).

Can the Caseta switches can be used to automate groups of other lights through HE and a Pro bridge from Lutron? I think I understand that HE can issue commands to the Lutron Pro, but what about the reverse direction?

For example, if I have also have a group of ZigBee or Hue lights in the same room, can I build automations/rules in HE that would turn on the lights in the ZigBee/Hue group whenever I turn on the "main" light via the Caseta switch (or remote paired to the switch)?

This might be a rule/Rule Machine question, but what about dimming at the switch? Can a dimming adjustment made at the switch also trigger dimming for those other bulbs via HE automation?

Yes, you can create a rule that executes when your Caseta switch/dimmer changes. That rule could control other lights.

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Thank you. I was initially concerned that such functionality would have only be available within the app. It might be time to shopping! :stuck_out_tongue:

The telnet connection between the Caseta Pro bridge and Hubitat is bidirectional. So the hub will be aware of any change that you make at the physical dimmer/switch or in the Caseta app (if you choose to continue using it), and can use that as a trigger to do whatever you’d like with any other non-Caseta devices that are paired to the hub.

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