Auto lock RM question

Should this be a rule or trigger rule? I am not having any success with my kwikset 888 locks refreshing correctly, or this rule executing reliably.

I do it with a triggered rule and it works great. Trigger is just front door unlocked. Works for manual or digital unlock.

In the absence of triggers, conditions effectively become the triggers.

The way you have it (with conditions instead of triggers), you are allowing either the door status or the lock status to call the rule to be evaluated.

The rule will be evaluated as true if either of the following happens:

  1. The lock becomes unlocked while the door is closed
  2. The door closes while the lock is unlocked

Personally, this is what I would want in your scenario.

However, if you only wanted the door to lock in scenario 2 above, but not 1, then you would move the door closing to a trigger and leave the lock being unlocked as a condition. This way, the rule is only evaluated when the door changes state, then once that happens, the state of the lock is checked to determine if the actions should execute.

IMO you have the rule set up correctly, the issue is the lock not reporting it's state changes correctly.

I like both scenarios as I have a 4yo who just discovered how to unlock doors. She hasn’t discovered how to relive unfortunately. :woozy_face:


That's exactly how I have my rule for my Yale Z-wave setup with the addition of turning off foyer lights when it locks. I have another rule that turns them on when to door unlocks. As mentioned your issue looks to be with the lock sending status or you've got a network issue.

You're saying that your Kwikset 888 does not show unlocked from the driver when you unlock it and locked when you lock it? Via physical action, digital action or both? Z-Wave or Zigbee lock? Which driver?

Have you collected logs for support to help with this? The rule can't work reliably if it doesn't know your lock state. That has to be resolved first.

This is they way I have mine with my Kwikset 910 and it works great!

It does but doesn’t 100% report to HE all the time. If I see the door is unlocked and then go lock it then it updates immediately. I didn’t have this issue prior to 1.1.16 and with the latest 1.1.17 (just before 2.x) they were working reliably again. As of now I am at a loss on what to do.

  1. Open the lock device driver details in a tab and turn on debug logging.
  2. Open the log in a separate tab.
  3. Go to the device details tab for the lock and select the Lock button.
  4. Go to the log tab and click on the lock driver name or label in the top of the log so only the log from the lock shows.
  5. Clear the log
  6. Go back to the lock tab and select the Unlock button.
  7. Go back to the log tab and take a screen shot of the results, labelling it "Digital Unlock"
  8. Go back to the log tab and clear the log again
  9. Go back to the device details tab and select the Lock button
  10. Return to the log tab and take another screen shot, labelling it "Digital Lock"

Send those screen shots to @bobbyD and @mike.maxwell

Interesting. My front door lock works correctly for showing up in the HE logs when I lock/unlock through the device. The Garage Door does not show any logs BUT the RM rule executes. I have no logs for the Garage Door lock.

Perhaps logging is not turned on. Go to its device page.

Been logging the entire time

The amount of times I've heard these types of questions asked maybe it's time to make an official door manager app.
Maybe @Cobra can start working on it so @bravenel can add it in an update hours before @Cobra publishes it. :wink:

But seriously I think my three rules miss one of the possible scenarios of contact/auto-lock management.
I'm sure it's on the back burner or something but it seems like a common enough desire that might be intimidating for someone looking to cover the basics and just starting to explore the deep water here.

@bravenel @mike.maxwell

Alright guys. I have excluded and the re-paired the garage door. HE still does not log anything for this device even with full logging enabled. Thoughts? Ideas?

This is a Kwikset 888, using the generic lock driver, and physical lock and unlock do not always report state changes?, is that correct.
Do driver commands work 100% of the time?


Yes this is a Kwikset 888 using the Z-Wave Generic Lock Driver. Physical lock/unlock do not always report.

If I use the driver I can lock/unlock 100% of time. The add/get/delete codes freezes up a lot resulting in me having to pull power on the lock and then repowering to get to register again. The driver is not reporting in the logs when I use the driver to lock/unlock.

I have another lock (Front Door) which is the same Kwikset 888. It also does not report refresh on physical lock/unlock. I have not had the freezing/lockups when using the add/get/delete codes (yet). The driver DOES report in the logs whenever you use the driver to lock/unlock.

Keep in mind prior to 1.1.16 I had zero issues with these locks. I thought it was me and the refresh just needed to be initiated. I created a rule in RM to refresh the device every minute. Pros - the device become more consistent but still was only 50% reliable. Con - go through batteries within about 2 weeks.

I do not know where the issue is with these locks. The testing I have conducted are the following:

  • Add/Remove locks from HE
  • Add 1 minute refresh cycle in RM - btw Garage Door is still not reporting on refresh though Front Door is - odd
  • Remove locks and add back to ST (no problems at all and reports correctly 100% of the time)
  • Ported rBoys universal lock DTH into HE. Same issues so I suspect this is not a driver issue but something else
  • Reached out to the community in desperation :wink:
  • Sent support a new email on this subject but still have not received an answer from anyone besides the auto-attendant that my support request has been submitted

Hope this sheds light and that I have done due-diligence to try and solve this on my own.

Any and ALL help is very much appreciated.

How old are these locks?, I ask as they are still in production, and if I get one to work on I want to be sure they were at least baked within the same decade...

The garage door is about 2 years old. The Front Door is a little over a year old.

Also if you have a spare lock I would have no issues in sending you one of these units and borrow one so my home automation stays in sync. Heck I will even pay the postage.

We can do that, ok with a Kwikset 910?

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That is fine. Want to message me details and we can coordinate the temporary swap?

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