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Not sure where to ask this so if its not allowed here, please let me know..

In my current home control software there is this cool feature, If you turn a light on using a light switch, it would start a counter and if you didn’t turn the light off, within the time you specified you could do some action. In my case, if I turn to bathroom light on and I didn’t turn it off within an hour (60 mins), it would would dim them to 50% and then 15 mins later it would turn them off.

I use this feature on several rooms in my home and would be nice if I could continue with hubitat.


It wouldn't hurt to say what home control software you are used to.

Yes, you can do this with Hubitat. But it is dependent on your smart switches accurately reporting physical on/off as such without being polled. What are the switches?

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Didn’t know if it was acceptable. It’s Home Control Assistant.

Interesting. So what kind of switches are we talking about and are they currently controlled by Hubitat.


HCA has been amazing for the 15 plus years I have been using it.. Unfortunately she is moving on to bigger and better things.

I do not like Hubitiatge dashboards. They should be drag to arrange not the cheesy method the use. You can cover tiles without realizing - Stupid!!!

I was 100% Insteon :frowning: I am now using ZigBee and zWave hardware.

I purchased and installed Leviton Decora Smart Switch and Dimmers. DG15S and DG6HD and yes they are...

What you want to do is very easy using Rule Machine using your dimmers. Here's what that rule would look like:


Go to the playstore and get Hubitat Dashboard by Joe Page, It's free and really incredible, tons of functionality, extremely fast & versatile. Did I say drag & drop? Use it with the HE app "Maker API"


Smartly. Free, works great, looks great.

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There are actually some times when this is handy--combining multiple attributes into a single tile that isn't otherwise possible with a "standard" template (usually with some CSS to customize it a bit more, but still). Not that the editor couldn't be better... :smiley:


I love that look and feel but I am not on Android.. Any suggestions for Apple?

Okay - that is perfect... Thanks @aaiyar

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@672southmain - Could you share a link? I could not find it by searching..

In reading the post, I want to make sure I understand, The rule looks for a "on" comment from the light switch itself and then starts?

The trigger is an event where the switch turns on and stays on for 60 minutes.

Here, developed by members of the Hubitat community:

Instructions and release notes are here:

I like using Apple HomeKit on iPhones, iPads, and Macs as a simple, clean GUI. In order to do so, however, you’ll need to run HomeBridge on an always on computer in your home, like a Raspberry Pi. There are two Hubitat Plugins for HomeBridge, one from @dan.t and another from @tonesto7. Both are popular amongst the community users and both work well.

There is also another Mobile Phone App called “The Home Remote” that works well on iOS, and requires no custom code on Hubitat. It simply uses the built-in Maker API app for connectivity.

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today i added a dimmer to the bathroom, Leviton DZ6HD, i added it to hubitat by including it (still trying to grasp the difference between zigbee and zwave), if I turn the light on via Hubitat the light comes on and the dashboard tile changes color indicating that it’s on, however if I turn the light off at the switch, habitat doesn’t ever reflect that change. In addition if habitat shows the light is off and light is truly off, then I go to the bathroom and turn the light on, habitat doesn’t know that the light is turned on. Therefore my rule to automatically turn the light off is not working.

Any Suggestions?

I'd recommend starting a new thread for this issue. Because you need participation from folks who are well-experienced with z-wave devices like your dimmer.

Superficially, your dimmer functions as if it were a z-wave device, and not a z-wave+ device. Do you know if it is z-wave or z-wave+?

It’s z-wave+

Follow up on the thread linked below. @user897 is having a similar issue. Can you also post a screenshot to that thread?

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