Auto-Close Multiple Garages Rule Question

First and foremost, as a noob to HE I have to give props to this community. I've managed to migrate from ST quite seamlessly with the incredible information available on these forums and am well on my way with my automations...For that, I thank you all!

That said, still working and getting to know Rule 4.0. Thus, my question on the below rule. I have a detached garage with both doors automated via a ZEN16 relay. Created the following rule that auto-closes the doors when I'm away as I can't see the doors from my house, and I'm in and out of it so often that the doors are routinely left open several times a day.

Will this work as is? I ask because this is my first attempt at two separate conditional statements and wasn't sure if I needed to 'separate' them in any way.

Thank you in advance

Garage Rule

It appears you have the conditional for the second door nested within the first condition. So door #2 won't close unless both 1 and 2 are open.

You could use "Simple Conditional" here. You'd have two of them.

IF (Garage 1 open FALSE) Garage close: Garage 1
IF (Garage 2 open FALSE) Garage close: Garage 2

No ELSEs or END-IFs needed.

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Simplicity at it finest. Thank you, Sir.

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