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I subscribe to the "Hub Protect" service, but would still like to backup my HE, to a local location (other than the HE itself) automatically on a regular basis. I have searched to see if there is a custom app that can do this, and I can't find one. It also appears some users may have solved this by using curl and wget.

I am requesting the feature be built into HE, something similar to this:

With options similar to this:


FWIW, and I apologize if you are already aware of this, it is possible to "pull" a backup from a remote site (like your NAS).


Thanks for the heads up, no I was not aware of this. I have a synology nas and the nice thing about the backup automatically going on my NAS, is that it would then also be automatically backup on BackBlaze.

Care to share some links/tips on how to do this?


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Setup the ability to run bash scripts on your Synology.
Then create a backup script - there are a few examples in the community. But here's a nice summary from @vjv.


This bash script works very well for me.


Nice little gem here. Thanks.

I set this up on my Synology as well. I took a look at the script and tried to determine this myself, but I'm not good with those complex Linux commands when you start parsing out key data. Curious if there is anyway to include the running version within the backup filename? I know it is part of the listing of existing backup files available to download. But it's too complex for me to easily parse that and make another variable to use.

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