Auto arming issue

Having auto arming issues when open my back door, it does not do this with the front door.

I'm sorry but I'm not understanding what the issue is. Can you please explain further what the issue you are having? What are you expecting and what is actually happening?

Everytime I open my back door it auto arm the HSM away and I don't have any auto arm settings.

I am using sengled contact sensors,

Think there is something wrong with the away arm so I delete it's settings, and put the settings in night and it work how I want it, thanks for responding 'respect'.

Look at your back door sensor in the edit device page. It will show you what apps it is in-use by.

Just an update I found what was causing the problem I had set a rule for when my back door open a chime should go off but also I had put into to the rule to auto arm away. As we say in Jamaica nuff respect man big up.

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