August ZWave Lock: Hubitat Can't Issue Lock / Unlock Commands


Hub = C7
Version =
Lock = August ZWave Lock Pro

I've had this product working since I got onto the Hubitat platform since December. Since March, and when I've upgraded the hub I notice that Hubitat shows:

  1. The status when I MANUALLY unlock / lock the door (happens instantly).

  2. Battery level reporting.

If I try to unlock / lock the command within Hubitat (Devices Page), nothing happens. Nothing in the logs show up that it tries to issue a "Command called: unlock" -OR- "Command called: lock."

This is the pattern I noticed when Hubitat doesn't send lock/unlock commands:

  1. When I upgraded to on 3/8 it stopped accepting lock/unlock commands from Hubitat.
  2. I tried rebooting, doing a ZWave repair, no help.
  3. Removed the batteries to reset the lock, no help.
  4. Removed the lock and re-added it on 3/10.
  5. Upgrade to on 3/16 and the lock stopped accepting lock/unlock commands again from Hubitat.

In terms of my ZWave details, it's direct path to the Hub:

Please advise, I'm at a loss on what to do and don't want to keep adding / removing the lock every time there's a software update to the Hub (if that's the case). Thanks and let me know if I can provide anything else.

Can you post your entire z-wave details page?

I know it's silly but if you move your hub closer to the lock does it start working?

Are you on the latest z-wave firmware? (Separate from the main platform update)

Hi @rlithgow1,

Thanks for responding:

  1. Moving the hub does not help. To note, my garage door sensor is double the distance from this lock and my garage itself is detached from the house.

  2. Yes I'm on the latest z-wave firmware.

  3. I'm also noticing another strange pattern. My lock (on the zwave details page) is showing 128 route changes. Not sure what that means, but that count seems pretty high compared to the other devices.

  4. Details page attached:

Thanks for the help and let me know if you need anything else.

It's a weak mesh issue. It's having problems finding a decent route. A beaming repeater should help (I would suggest the ring v2 extender). Put it fairly close to the lock.

I have one Z-Wave device right next to the lock (Light: Christmas Tree). There are also two devices from there - one Z-Wave light 6 feet from the hub, and another Z-Wave light 2 feet from the hub.

Additionally, if I lock/unlock the door manually, the hub gets instantly updated. If I hit refresh on the device, it works.

Couple of things:

  1. If it's weak mesh, there are plenty of ZWave devices near the hub the path could be rerouted too.

  2. The door is plain sight of the hub and maybe 10-15' away.

Not sure I understand why this isn't working. Like I said, this was working fine until I started getting software updates to the hub starting in March. Pretty sure if I exclude/include the lock, the issue will be fixed. I did this the last time and had no issues until the next software update occurred.

Please advise...thanks.

I'm out of options at this point. I would re pair the lock...

The lock was re-paired and the issue stopped. This behavior started after software updates to the HE hub began occurring in March as originally outlined in my first post. Is there any way to get this issue looked at further? This seems to be a bug.

@bcopeland is the z-wave dev, Maybe send him a message on the issue

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There are numerous threads in this community and those of other platforms dealing with the problems you report. I dealt with it myself and eventually switched to another lock after August support, when presented with the logs and the evidence proving they had neutered the z-wave functionality, refused to roll back the bad firmware.

If you want to continue using the August Pro, the only semi-reliable way is to get their Connect Hub and put it on your wifi.

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