August Lock Pro reliability

I know, there are many threads related to August Lock Pro (I myself created few)
but I decided to create this fresh one.
I am still trying to get reliable ZWave Communication with my August Lock Pro before
I will replace it with something else. (The good replacement candidate is Danalock V3
Zigbee version.)
From the day #1 (almost 2 years ago) the ZWave Communication with August Lock Pro
was not reliable no matter what I was trying. It was not completely broken but it did not
work exactly at a time it was needed (unfortunately and surprisingly all testing produced
very good results but in reality nothing was working).

My final attempt to get it working.
Just few min ago I installed Ring V2 Zwave extender with S2 security.
This extender has the best review and I decided to get one.
In a past I tried Aeotech 7 Extender. It was sitting on my Zwave mesh more than a year.
Neither device was actually using it. Right now it is in a "maybe trash" box.
I hope, the story with Ring V2 Extender will be different.

Before I will try to add August Lock pro to the ZWave mesh (one mere and definitely
lats time) my questions are:

  • Should I reboot hub (most likely "yes")?
  • Should I run ZWave Repair (not sure this will do something)?
  • Both of the above?

Not one of your questions, but to me the answer is the Danalock V3 Zigbee. I had the older August locks and replaced them all with the Dana's. Never been so satisfied with the results.