August Lock Auto-Unlock with HE

Hoping for some advice on setting up a rule to use the Auto-Unlock feature on my August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Bridge.

It seems that August has changed the way that Auto-Unlock works, and now if the GPS is turned off at any point during the day, it will disable the auto-unlock feature in the app. (thats stupid, but I'll fight that fight with August).

Can anyone share or guide me towards the best way to implement a similar auto-unlock using HE so I can stop using the August app?

I presume you'd just use the HE mobile app and a geofence, but the fences are rather large even at their smallest. Would you use a geofence and a device connection to wifi? Just wondering what the triggers would be to keep things safe and secure.

Seems some people have been happy using Reliable Lock as well. Any advice?


I use Life360, SmartThings presence sensor and RM to dictate when my August lock unlocks. They both have to be "present" for the lock to open. Both have a smaller presence radius than the HE app itself.

The rule is basically setup so that if both are present wait a minute and then unlock. The 1 minute delay gives even more time for me to be closer. I find that this pretty much unlocks the door right about the time I've pulled into the driveway.