Audio Device Driver Help

I would like to use my multi-room audio setup with Hubitat. I have forked-daapd installed on a Rpi and have been using it successfully to stream local music & spotify throughout our house.

I have created a couple virtual buttons that control specific functions of the forked-daapd server using the "HTTP Momentary Switch" and the Maker API in HE, but this is very limited in function and of course does not offer any way to have Hubitat see the updated status of speakers or volume.

Forked-Daapd has a well documented API Endpoints that I am thinking I can use with a HE to give me the functionality I am looking for.

What I need is a place to start. I have done a bit of programming, but not really in Java or Groovy. I would like to find a driver that I can use as an example of interfacing using JSON API. Is there a good starting place that you could recommend, or a driver that I can dissect for my purposes?

I have found this Home Assistant card but am not sure if the differences between HA and HE would make it counterproductive to use it as a template.

I appreciate any advice that you're able to offer.

Is this only for Apple output devices?
That is, Homepod?

Forked-Dappd will output synced audio to Airplay devices. It also will play to any MPD Clients, or Chromecast clients. You can control it with the Apple "Remote" app on IOS or any DACP remote (I used Retune on my Android Device), as well as it's own web based interface, on the CLI with MPC or using it's JSON API. There is also a web based stream URL that you could listen to in almost any device.

It is a great project, I've been using it to stream my spotify account to multiple rooms. I also have it set up so that I can stream from an IOS device (my wife's Iphone) to a pipe that will be read by forked-daapd and then synced to multiple airplay speakers. I highly recommend it if you're looking a syncronized audio. It would be the icing on the cake if I could figure out a way to integrate it with HE.

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