Attribute Comparison Missing Greater Than/Less Than

I'm new to Rule Machine and have searched for a similar question but not found it yet. I'm using the OpenWeatherMap device and want to create a condition where a light comes on earlier in the evening if the "cloudiness" attribute is 85-100%. The problem is when I choose the "cloudiness" attribute I don't get a comparison option in the drop down for > or <, etc. I just have =, !=, changed, contains, and empty. How would I go about setting this trigger if the attribute is >= to 85? Thanks!

What driver are you using? My hunch is that the driver is creating the attribute as a String type instead of a numeric type, so RM won't give you the numeric operators. The only driver I can find (this one) doesn't look like it would be doing that from a cursory glance at the code, but I didn't really dive in, so I might be missing something but am also not inclined to try if that's not the one. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply! I believe it is a built in driver. To set it up in "Devices" I just added a new virtual device and selected "OpenWeatherMap" from the list. I have not yet installed any custom drivers.

Decided to try the driver you mentioned and that did indeed allow me to use the operators I was looking for. Thank you!