ATT Bgw210 Router

This is just temporary, so please don't tell me how bad this is.

I need to port forward on a friends system to get it all set up correctly. He is too far away for me to go there.

He has an ATT BGW210 modem/router. Following the instructions about port forwarding he goes to Nat/Gaming. Selects custom service. Enters a name, external port of say 20345 then in the base port enters 80. Saves. Go back to Nat/Gaming. Select drop down list for the item that needs that but the Hub never shows up in the list. And it doesn't appear he can enter an address manually.

Does anyone have any suggestions here?

Why not just set up a vpn to the computer and do the work on his computer from yours? Some rented routers don't allow what you're trying to do. RealVNC or VNCViewer is easy to set up and would save you a ton of time. tha's what I use. Plus you don't have the port forwarding hole hanging above you. and it's free

Not an option in this case. No computer on line all the time.

I wasn't going to get into this here, but I fail to see how something like a VPN is more secure than port forwarding.

My router has a built in VPN server. So for someone to access my entire network requires 3 things. WANIP, USER, PASSWORD.

But if I require a login on my Hub then for someone to access just my hub requires 4 things.

I would think 4 things are harder to guess than 3. If I'm wrong on this, someone please point out how.