Atomi Smart from Costco

Hi guys, a little experience called upon.

My wife has bought some great outdoor WiFi lights earlier today from Costco. From what I can gather, these lights are masquerading as Tuya lights. is there a simple way to integrate these locally into HE?

I can see ways of integrating different routines via Alexa however, my preference is obviously local integration.

Appreciates guys.....Stu

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If they are in fact built on Tuya you at least have SOME options.

Local and simple: No
Tuya Cloud and medium difficulty: Yes (community integration)
Local and Complicated: Possibly

Are these RGBW, adjustable white or just on/off?

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These are RGBW, they're pretty neat. Very responsive but I'm still unsure how to get them into HE

If you are using either alexa, google, or homekit you can do it via virtual switches.

How much of a challenge are you up for?
I have a LampLux RGBW LED indoor strip light that is Tuya based. I have it integrated locally with a cloud backup connection.

Found this little tidbit online, looks like they are Tuya based. People have integrated with HB but were not able to change the color. If the HB integration is using local DPS packets they can vary from device to device so that makes sense. I had to hack up some of my own stuff to get my LED strip fully working with the HE integration as well. Reddit - Dive into anything

Yeah I was hoping I could sort something a bit more local for when the internet goes down and Alexa doesn't communicate. Similar to @adamkempenich magic home driver

Here is some more info for you about local control.

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Hi guys, cheers for the pointers. I've been tied up at recent but I'll definitely feedback shortly :+1:

So I've managed to get this working [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support)

No need for virtual switches. It's a cracker