At specific time?

Maybe I'm missing something. I am trying to migrate rules from webcore (ST) to Hubitat. And I want stuff to trigger at a specific time. But when I set a condition, it makes me always choose between times.

So for example. I want my living room lights to turn on at Sunset. Then dim at 8pm. Then off at 10pm. In webcore, this can be done with one rule and multiple if's, but I'm fine breaking it into multiple RM rules. But I can't figure out how to just say "do this at sunset", "do this at 8pm". I can only do something like "do this between 8:00pm and 8:01pm". =/

What am I missing?

I completely missed simple lighting. Just going to use that. =)

Hey @staze

You can also use RM and create a "Trigger" rather than a Rule. Its in the same section when you create a rule, just the next section down

Welcome and have fun


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