Associate Zen16 MultiRelay?

Is it possible to associate the Zen16 MultiRelay? I'm pretty sure it's not possible, with it's child devices and all, but just thought I'd ask.
@agnes.zooz ?

It's on the supported devices list:

It's possible if multi-channel association is supported. Since HE doesn't really expose association settings in the interface, it will depend on the device controlling the ZEN16 via association and its driver and how association is implemented there. It's also important to remember that the 2 associated devices need to be included with the same security level.

Hi @agnes.zooz .

I was using the Zen34 and its driver with associations. I was able to associate the main relay on the multirelay, which trips the child relays, but not the children separately. For instance, the main relay is say, 92, and the children are 92-1, 92-2, and 92-3. Those DNI numbers are not accepted. Both security levels are 'none'.

It's possible this is a matter of multi-channel association. Can you confirm that you're on C7 so we can run some tests in-house and try to replicate this behavior?

Yes, I am on C7.

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To me it would be cool, but I'm not optimistic it can be done. I'm thinking of a couple or three things to switch while running on generator during a power outage. This option could be a nice fallback option in case the Hub drops. For laughs, I turned off the hub just now and was able to turn the multirelay on and off with the Zen34. Just wish that all three relays could be accessed individually.

I'm going to also look into battery backup for the hub.