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I am trying to figure out, which I previously accomplished in Webcore on ST, how to create a Rule to accomplish the following:
If "ArrivalRule" is triggered AND then "Door1 Opens within 10 minutes" THEN turn on "Light1"
I have tried with Rule Machine and Simple Automation Rule apps, but get stuck. The furthest I've gotten was in Rule Machine but when I specify triggers "ArrivalRule" and then "Door1" open, it does an OR operator, nor do I have an option to specify within 10 minutes.

Why not import your piston from ST to HE.

I dont have webcore installed on HE. I wanted to accomplish via the HE built-in apps, if possible.

What you could do is when Arrivalrule is triggered use a wait for event with a timer for 10 minutes.
I dont use RM anymore, just WC.

Thanks, I dont think that will accomplish what I'd like to do though. I'd like it that is the rule is triggered and the door opens within 10 minutes after the rule, then turn on lights. Not explicitly after a 10 min wait, to turn on lights, but within the 10 minute period.

With a wait for a event when you select it you are basically asked for how long to wait before giving up waiting.
So you will wait for up to 10 minutes. The same as you, and I do as it happens, using WC.

One way might be to have ArrivalRule set a global variable containing the timestamp of it's activation, then test the current time - the timestamp when Door1 opens to determine if the light should be turned on.

You could have a rule that sets Private Boolean true upon arrival and then do a WAIT in that rule and 10 Min later turn it off. Then check that PB from your other rule such that:

If Door1 Opens and PB True in Rule X then turn on light1.

I think that will do the trick for you. But I'm still pretty green here too.

I just read Bobbles solution I like that.

I had something like this when I used RM before I went back to WC.
Can't really remember the whole sequence though.

Where do I find the "Wait for events" action/condition? I dont see it in my drop down list of options.
My thought now is the have the trigger event be "ArrivalRule" is triggered, and then have something like your example of select actions to run, but dont see the wait for events option.

When you select actions, go to the bottom of the dropdown.
Select the bottom option and when you open the next dropdown, it is there.

Actually I'm doing that on a fan based on humidity but I still used my boolean trick to disable turning the same fan off based on time running if it was turned on due to the humidity rule. If that sounds confusing:

rule 1 - runs fan based on humidity going up during a shower

rule 2 - turns fan off after 15 min if running (if turned on by some other method)

I wanted to disable rule 2 if it was 1 because of rule 1. Now that I'm typing this I could also do that with a PAUSE rule. So many ways to do the same thing eh? Gotta love it.

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Ah, unsure how I previously missed that. I still have to test it out but I think I got it. Thank you very much for your assistance!

I just hope it works for you.
I can't really remember how I had it configured tbh.

Tested and works great. Thanks again!