Assistance in first rule/trigger


so far so good, although I am having trouble with setting up a rule (if it's possible)

I want to play spotify playlist using google home to a specific device when I arrive home.

  1. I have setup life360 for presence
  2. I have all my Google Home Mini devices showing up
  3. I have set up a trigger of 'when shane arrives home'

this is as far as I can get then I get stuck.

Welcome! It's a great system once you get familiar with it. I don't use Spotify but your trigger should look something like this.

I am sure there is someone else that can help with the Spotify aspect of this.

I got the first trigger event, I simply couldn't figure out the Spotify bit. I'm assuming maybe I could use IFTTT but the problem is just not solving in my head.

I wish I could help you more with the Spotify aspect of it but that trigger will at least get your speaker playing whatever the last thing that you were listening to on it.

Welcome to the Hubitat Elevation! Play is probably the best you can do out of the box at this time.

It’s advanced, but after you cut your teeth into Habitat a bit more, you can set up Google Assistant Relay. That will let you send silent commands to Google Assistant from HE and do anything that Google Assistant can do. Significantly faster than IFTTT, and unlike IFTTT, Google Assistant Relay allows a Rule Machine rule to do the same as what’s possible by speaking to Google Home or Google Assistant on mobile.

Thanks @mkig45 and @SmartHomePrimer seems like that’s what I need but I’ll play around with the out of the box bits first till I’m a bit more familiar.