Assist adding in a user

Brand new to HE. 6 yr Vera user. Trying to add my wife as a user. Read the doc, went to "My Account", "Create New Account", added email, password, got the code email and entered it. Now if I try "Manage Users...", I get "There are no hub(s) associated with this account." ? "Find Hubs" finds my hub. "Connect to hub" doesn't fail, but I still get the none associated message. What do I try next?

In My Account click Registered Hubs then click Hub Details for the hub you want to add the user to make sure the user is there or add them if not. They only need to be added this way to get their presence sensor into the hub, this won't impact them using any dashboard you give them.

That worked. However those button selections (4) only showed up after about 40 minutes.


Need to add a few users to my hub, followed the steps described here, How to manage accounts linked to your hub - Hubitat Documentation

In step 3, I do not have the pull down menu (see attached screenshot) and yes I am logged in..

Any suggestions?

Such as dumb a$$ - bottom left button... Guess the docs need to be updated...

I think @bertabcd1234 is updating docs... There is a lot so not everything is done.

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I bet - That is a full time job in and of itself

It is possible to limit what a user can see? Can dashboards be user specific?

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