Array global variable in HE to speak random words for TTS


I've created a RM to help my kid doing the toilet training at night, the following is the summary:

  1. At a certain time at night, it'll do TTS over Alexa (e.g. "wake up, toilet time")
  2. It'll stop the TTS until a motion is detected in the toilet area (I wish I can do an
    automation against toilet flushes, but I think that's a bit too much hehe)

Lately, he started to disregard the alerts (most probably because he has been sleeping a bit later at night), and I've been thinking to randomise the words spoken by Alexa using an array global variable to engage him more.

It seems array global variable is not available in HE as yet?

If array is not available, the only thing I can think of is using a randomise math equations and a bunch of IF statements.


O my...found a "Random" selection in the all good :slight_smile:


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