Armed Away alarm is canceled when door is closed

I have a contact sensor in the door that triggers an alarm when in Home mode.

What I found odd is that once the door is closed, the siren/strobe is shut off (I have a siren configured in HSM to strobe and siren when a Home alarm is triggered).

Is this normal or expected or I'm messing it with some Rule Engine rule? I cancel tasks and pause the rules associated with that contact/door open and close.

Thanks in advance

You shouldn't need to do anything with the rules to get it to work with HSM. Can you show your HSM setup? What rules do you have in place to rest the alarm?

Thanks for the help... let me see if I can provide all the needed information...

I want to disable the door rules for when the HSM is armed so that it won't interfere with the HSM (or that's what I hope to). So whenever the HSM is armed Home (see 2.) I disable the door rules (4. and 5.) and cancel any pending triggers on those rules.

If I have HSM in Home as soon as I open the door, the sirene is triggeres (OK), but it's shutdown as soon as I close it (NOK - imo, I would assume that HSM would need to be disarmed to cancel the alarm).

  1. Home HSM config

  2. Rule Machine rule triggered when HSM Home is enabled

  3. Rule Machine rule triggered when HSM is disarmed

  4. Rule Machine rule for when the door is open

  5. Rule Machine rule for when the door is closed

What are you talking about? What door rules? Why would a rule interfere with HSM? That's not how apps work. Apps subscribe to sensor events. Multiple apps can use the same sensor without a problem.

I have rules associated with the door to change the sirene/chime volumes. But that's not my issue I was just trying to give some background on why I pause the rules for that contact sensor when the HSM is armed Home.

You have a siren 6...all of this is unnecessary. The Chime volume is separate from the alarm volume. SO, none of this is needed.

You do not want to Puase/Unpause these rules all the time. The siren will take priority on the siren 6. You can remove all of this.

Ok, thanks I will give it a try, to see if the problem is solved by removing those.

BTW why do you say that I don't want to pause/unpause rules all the time?

Because there is no need for it. Having your rules paused and unpaused means they can be caught in the wrong state. Having conditions within the rule to evaluate whether they should fire or not is the best way to handle that. Plus, then you only need the one rule instead of 12.