I have a Konnected Pro alarm w/ a Piezo buzzer attached. I am trying to figure out how to get the warning beep when arming in AWAY. I have a delay of 30 second and I am looking for the same behaviour like a traditional alarm (slow beeping for the first 20 seconds and rapid beeping for the last 10 seconds)

The Piezo buzzer can do both sounds. just not too sure how to set it up...

Hello, I don't have Konnected integration, however using the Nyckelharpa App, HSM and Centralitex keypad driver I get the countdown during arming/disarming. I am using Iris keypads both Version 2 and 3, and the Xfinity XHK1-UE

I use webcore for all of my Konnected/HE integration (if that is an option for you).

The beeping is built into the keypad's firmware.

Thanks Arn. I thought it only started working after installing your app & the Centralitex driver. Maybe I had a messed up HSM install before that, but beeping wasn't working?

If we are using a tablet by the door, is it possible for the tablet to beep, and also produce a visual countdown?

Yes. I use a combination of Konnected sensors, Echo Speaks and webcore. I am certain there are easier methods. But I'm happy and the WAF is marginal.

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No idea on a visual countdown, but I do have a working audio countdown.
Using the Fully Kiosk Browser, the Fully Kiosk Browser Device (FKBC), and SSML

My SSML. Note it's not always 100% accurate due to network and device timing, but it's usually close enough. Hubitat does not allow HTML like characters to be entered in text fields the {} are converted by the FKBC app to <>.

{speak}Alarm system is arming in 30 seconds, please exit the facility. {break time="1s"/} 25 seconds{break time="2800ms"/}20 seconds{break time="2800ms"/}15 seconds{break time="2800ms"/}10 seconds{break time="2800ms"/}5{break time="700ms"/}4{break time="700ms"/}3{break time="700ms"/}2{break time="700ms"/}1{/speak}

The Beep
Load an MP3 file of your choice onto the dashboard device, then play using the Beep or Chime command in the FKBC device.

PS I'm using my Nyckelharpa app to generate the beep and TTS, however it could easily be accomplished with RM


Check this out [RELEASE] Virtual Keypad

I was able to get this going and using RM you can trigger countdown beep and more...

The support in that forum is excellent and a few experts were able to help me setup RM and the keypad

I love this idea! I have FKBC. Where do I enter this?

For the record I use my app Nyckelharpa, specifically the Talker module to handle these messages, but just tried this using RM

Warning: I use a modified (now outdated) FKBC version that I ported, released, and used on ST that also works on HE. When using the current HE version I believe the message looks like the following, / are gone (added by HE app's code), and speak commands are not used.

Alarm system is arming in 30 seconds, please exit the facility. {break time="1s"} 25 seconds{break time="2800ms"}20 seconds{break time="2800ms"}15 seconds{break time="2800ms"}10 seconds{break time="2800ms"}5{break time="700ms"}4{break time="700ms"}3{break time="700ms"}2{break time="700ms"}1

In a worst case scenario it will simply speak all the control information if it's miscoded. You may also need to adjust the delay break times.

Important. Since arming may be canceled you will need a rule issuing message !System Disarmed. An ! preceding the message clears the message queue and stops the currently speaking message, prior to speaking the message.

The speak command code is around line 305 in the HE FKBC

The documentation for the ST FBKC also has links for a few suggested sound files

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I'm a little unclear on this portion.

I have a rule that announces through fkbc that system disarmed. So I just need to add the ! In front?

That's correct.

The ! stops any currently speaking TTS message and clears the message queue.

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This is very useful to know, thank you!

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It's really useful when arming is stopped while the device is speaking a long TTS countdown message.

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awesome, *thanks for your help!

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