Arm and Disarm without HSM


So is there a way to use RM and/or Dashboard to arm and disarm a security system. I have tried a few things but not sure what to look for.

Do I need to add something to the driver code (user driver for Elk M1)?

Do I need to integrate with HSM? I think I want my hard panel to manage the security system.



You might be able to do this and keep the Elk, but I don't think it will be easy. There is a community effort to do this on SmartThings, and it looks like another user has helped port it to Hubitat. You can find a few more threads here (and there) if you search. None is for the faint of heart, and I'm not sure how functional either is.

If you're OK with replacing the "brains" entirely with Hubitat, you can also look into something like (either the commercial product or building your own with an ESP8266 and the software), but I understand that you were asking to avoid that route.


Thanks! I already have the Elk M1 talking to HE with a driver that I wrote. I just wasn't sure if there was a simple way to arm and disarm via RM.


Oh, yes! You should have HSM status as an action you can take in RM. You'll still need some condition or trigger that RM can respond to to change the HSM status from the panel, and you'll need some (virtual?) device or command you can use to go the other way too if you don't already. I'm not sure how that driver works.

#5, do you have a command in the driver to arm your system? If so, you can execute that custom command from within rule machine, you would just have to set it up. There's documentation for that here:


Thanks I do have the command. I will check this out.


Thanks again! Didn't realize I had to add the Actuator capability to make this available.