Arm and disarm Arlo with Pico remotes

Not sure if anyone has tried this, but I have an Arlo base station with two Arlo Pro 2 cameras and Iā€™d like to use a Lutron Pico remote to arm and disarm them.

The Arlo base station is configured to record locally to a large hard drive, but I do have an additional cloud recording subscription.

So, basically I have an Arlo setup, a Lutron setup with spare Pico remotes, and a few Philips Hue bulbs that I want to link up so I can use the Pico to arm and disarm all the cameras with the Hue bulbs changing color to indicate the arm/disarm status.

My Lutron and Hue hubs are already connected to HE, but the Arlo is still standalone.

Any ideas?

Arlo modes (arm/disarm...) are controlled via the Arlo cloud so I'm not sure how what you are proposing will work

True. I guess I was hoping that someone had figured out an HE driver that could open that specific api functionality.

There were a couple of efforts but the 2FA requirement shut them down I believe

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I was afraid of that. Read up on a few other threads in the community forum which mentioned this. Huge bummer.

I was hoping someone would break through but haven't seen anything yet. Right now I have a webCore piston that uses IFTTT to arm/disarm which gets the job done but not in the way I want it to.

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