Arlo Status


I know you don't provide ETA's, or anything like that. But can anyone at least tell if support for Arlo cameras is being developed right now?


As an Arlo user and with my dislike of everything IFTTT, I hope so.


I am switching from Wink to HE and love it so far, got my C-5 on Tuesday. I use the Arlo Wireless Pro 2 units + doorbell, and although they are not perfect the ability to store local and in the cloud without a subscription sold me on them. I REALLY hope something is in the works outside of the limited arm and disarm function of IFTT. Specifically to be able to arm based on custom MODE to allow for the use of different "Zones" of camera recording based on my being home, away or sleeping.


I can't answer for Hubitat, but from what I've read on this forum, is the platform isn't currently built for camera support/usage. Many people have done work arounds to integrate their own systems, but from what I understand I don't believe any camera support will be "natively" integrated under the current hardware setup. (I may be wrong, but this has been discussed many times in the forum)

This is backed up by viewing the "supported devices" document as there is no camera's (arlo included) in the list. List of Supported Devices - Hubitat Documentation


I don’t think you really want cameras to be built in. Arlo and others manufacturers will almost always build a better and feature packed user experience than Hubitat or others can. That’s not a shot against Hubitat at all.

SmartThings tried their own native video integration as did Iris. Both were terrible user experiences IMO.

A partial integration in terms of exposing motion, sound detection, and the ability to trigger recording would be useful. But even that attempt with Arlo was awful on SmartThings due to cloud latency. I ended up just using it for outdoor motion lighting and kept all of the record triggers within the Arlo environment.


Motion sensing from nest doorbells and nest camera works with unofficial integration.

It would be nice to have such accessible in Hubitat for Arlo.

Welcome to Hubitat! This platform is very promising but unless you're a programmer you're at the mercy of some kind individual doing an unofficial integration.

Much better product integration than wink of course lol


I am definitely excited and a bit overwhelmed by the opportunities, my mind is in overdrive! I found HE after the Stringify notification of shut down and sure wish I had started here when I bought the Wink 2. I like the Wink but have lots of internet issues and reliability so HE is a god send being local. Really looking forward to make it all work.

I think at this point I still would like the opportunity/ability to use motion and custom mode setting from within HE to eventually pare with RM and HSM options.

But who knows maybe I'll find better more efficient options moving forward.


I would mention you should understand the business plan design/focus "of platforms" when evaluating. Hubitat (unlike others) have put their sole focus on the "automation" functionality of the platform (making it work and work flawlessly) BEFORE any concentration towards integrations, mobile apps, etc. Other platforms integrate all kinds of devices, others (like smartthings) have very easy to operate mobile apps to access the platform, but both of those have platforms themselves that routinely fail and cause MANY other frustrations even though (insert your preferred product here) is integrated to it.

I had Vera for 8 months and Vera was a well established company for over a decade, yet after 8 months still (to this day) didn't even have access to IFTTT even after they promised it was coming the first quarter of 2018. Even with the established company the hardware ROUTINELY failed "controller is down" Hubitat is relatively new, they should make sure they live up to their mission as that is what is bringing people to them from other platforms having the platform actually work.