Arlo Motion Automation with IFTTT

Use virtual switches and their On/Off capabilities as substitutes for motion active/inactive. This will allow you to tie IFTTT rules to Arlo easier with Hubitat's available IFTTT capabilities. This is a cool little scenario I created today:
Use a virtual switch device for Arlo's motion sensor, with an auto-off at the device level to reset the trigger. I just got the Google Home Relay fired up on my RPi and have a cool rule based on just that. If the front porch Arlo detects motion, IFTTT trips it's HE virtual switch to ON and the rule attached to that... Google Speaks through the GH "Someone's at the front door".

I've also done something similar with a Virtual Motion sensor and the Maker API. That way you can use the motion sensor with other motion sensors rather than having to mix capabilities.

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Coolio! I'll be checking that one out next. Thank you muchly! :sunglasses:

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Any idea how I can make Alexa speak notifications?

Might want to check out this post.


This could be a jumpoff point:

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You can do this without any extra server required using the following...

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