Arlo Integration

Is it possible if Arlo detects motion, to turn on Lutron Caseta lights, but only at night?
The Caseta lights are integrated into my HE. Is there an easy way to do this?

I'm looking at IFTTT, but I don't see how to apply the condition of only between sunset and sunrise.

Can an IFTTT trigger an HE rule?

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IFTTT can throw a virtual switch for you in HE, so yeah indirectly.

If you have a Smartthings hub, you can use HubConnect to sync motion as well:

I don't have one to tell you how well it works though, if you don't have a Smartthings hub, they are pretty cheap for a used one on eBay, I got one for $35 used for using Ring Integration.

So now I’m aware of two different methods of allowing Arlo motion events to turn on my Lutron Caséta lights (that are integrated with HE).

A requirement is that I be able to specify additional criteria, in addition to Arlo detected motion, such as time of day, to turn on my Lutron Caseta lights.

Which method is the best, in terms of speed, as well as complexity of setup and maintenance?

  1. Use IFTTT to trigger a virtual switch in HE.
  2. Use HUB LINK and SEND HUB EVENTS. This allows devices in Smartthings to report their events to HE. I’m migrating from ST to HE, so I already have the ST hub, and my Arlo Cameras are already integrated with ST.

I would greatly appreciate this community’s advice on the pros and cons of using these two different methods.

I'm walking the same journey right now. From my research and experience thus far, the IFTTT is of course easy peazy to set up but will react slowly as usual (example being that it is not practical to trigger lights on from motion at night, it just takes too long to react). The SmartThings integration is more complex to set up and maintain but should be faster. I have an ST hub but have started with IFTTT and am seeing how it goes. Actually I just mostly use the Arlo app itself which I find excellent anyway. But I arm and disarm using IFTTT currently, based on my and wife and my presence. That works fine. The only issue with this is its only possible to arm/disarm all devices. Arlo still don't support custom modes via IFTTT. It is possible with ST I believe to activate individual cameras so that's also a benefit of going via an ST hub linked with your Hubitat hub.

I'm using Arlo > ST > HubConnect to control the cameras, but I've never actually seen a motion event pop up on SmartThings.. maybe that's because my ST hub is offline? Maybe only certain parts work via API, and some of the app actually runs locally... but it seems unlikely.

@stevenascott @didymus

If I can get some eventSteam interface stuff worked out it is 100% possible. The data below is what Arlo sends to its eventStream when anything changes, motion in this case. Assuming all goes well I am creating a device handler that will pull all of our cameras in and allow for things like events on motion, arming/disarming etc. I am super hopeful I will have something soon. If I do I will certainly post it here. :slight_smile:

{ properties:
   { url:
     devices: [ '4R05857KA3D9A' ] },
  action: 'is',
  resource: 'subscriptions/D7ATJZ-336-8839886_web',
  transId: 'web!3f9f3983.8500c!1564509579557',
  to: 'D7ATJZ-336-8839886_web',
  from: '4R05857KA3D9A' }
{ from: '4R05857KA3D9A',
  action: 'is',
  resource: 'cameras/52M1857MA3619',
  properties: { motionDetected: true },
  transId: '4R05857KA3D9A!3dd8e214!1564616563377' }
{ from: '4R05857KA3D9A',
  action: 'is',
  resource: 'cameras/52M1857MA3619',
   { activityState: 'alertStreamActive',
     dateStarted: 1564616563344 },
  transId: '4R05857KA3D9A!8ac4173e!1564616563508' }
{ from: '4R05857KA3D9A',
  action: 'is',
  resource: 'cameras/52M1857MA3619',
  properties: { activityState: 'idle', dateStarted: 1564616574734 },
  transId: '4R05857KA3D9A!6027fa29!1564616574877' }
{ from: '4R05857KA3D9A',
  action: 'is',
  resource: 'cameras/52M1857MA3619',
  properties: { motionDetected: false },
  transId: '4R05857KA3D9A!e6030b70!1564616575007' }
{ from: '4R05857KA3D9A',
  action: 'is',
  resource: 'cameras/52M1857MA3619',
  properties: { activityState: 'idle', dateStarted: 1564616574820 },
  transId: '4R05857KA3D9A!0c1c675e!1564616575139' }

Nice!! Then we can remove these extra hoops we're jumping through. Thanks!!

What would be ABSOLUTELY great!
Then I will be able to remove Smartthings completely :slight_smile:

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Any luck with this? Thanks!

With 2-factor authentication coming along for Arlo, I think it's unlikely we will see a simple solution to this challenge....

Not sure if anyone still cares. Arlo now works with tiny cam(beta version) so you can get your video into Action tiles and other dashboard apps.

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Oh wow, that's great news. I didn't know that. I will have to recover my cameras from my rental place and try them out on TinyCam (that app rocks!).

@Angus_M only works with the beta pro version at the moment I believe. Here is the link for the beta signup for Android. I haven't tried any features other than, getting them to stream and show up on my Chromecast devices. But I'm assuming it will work with local recording which is what I actually want


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Ok thanks. Will check it out. I've managed to get an old Samsung camera working recently on TinyCam. I didn't use the app for years (I bought it literally yonks ago). If I can get my 5 Arlo cameras set up too that will be a real bonus! Thanks for posting the news. I'd not spotted it!

So with TinyCam could a Hubitat event, like Gate opened, trigger Arlo to record?

Is TinyCam only Android, or is there an iPhone version?

Android and Amazon store only I believe.

I haven't really looked too much into it yet. I only discovered it worked with Arlo a few hours ago.

I believe action tiles just gets a video feed, it doesn't actually get any of the events

It has Tasker so in Android you could probably automate something based on motion and even person/pet sensing (this is built into the app).

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