Are you also experienceing random connectivity issues?

Hi guys,

I recently bought five Philips Hue motion sensors, Four connect fine, the fifth won't connect. Of the four that would connect only two sends values regularly. Two of them sent a full set of values when connection was established and then nothing. One of the sensors that does not send values is in the same room as the hub.

I also bought two Aeotec AerQ humidity sensors. Both connected fine but only one sent humidity info. The second one only sent battery information. I returned the second one and the new replacement works fine. Both show wrong battery information even after firmware updates.

So with one returned and replaced, four out of seven works. I enable mesh network and I connect the sensors from final location.

  • Do you have the same hussle installing new sensors?

How many mains based repeaters do you have? Will the 5th sensor pair next to the hub? This sounds like a weak mesh issue.


As @rlithgow1โ€™s response suggests, an issue like the one youโ€™re describing is rarely due to some widespread problem that affects a large number of users.

Addressing potentially weak zigbee and/or z-wave meshes sounds like the right place to start to me as well.


Hi @rlithgow1 and @marktheknife ,

Thank you for your swift replies. I actually have no repeaters at all. I have tried to have both ZigBee and z-wave devices evenly dotted around the house hoping that they will connect to each other. In the beginning I connected all devices close to the hub and then moved them to their location. I was simply not aware of that it mattered. After I found out I connect all new device by first pacing them at the final location. But if that hasn't worked, I try to connect close to the hub. The fifth won't connect at al regardless of placement.

I have also suspected that it might be a weak mesh network. I have tried to find a free software that could graphically visualise the network to get a better understanding but not found one so far. As I am not that tech savvy I have hesitated to pay for a software since I am not sure if the ones I have found will do the trick? Do you have any suggestion on how to go about researching the network? Is a graphical view a good way or do I need to go with a WiFi channel usage and distribution type of software (or both)?

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Itโ€™s usually not necessary to spend money on other tools that can provide more details on zigbee or z-wave mesh data.

I would start by reading these two articles from the hub documentation pages:


Thanks @marktheknife

I have a Kwikset 914 lock within spitting distance of my C7. It refused to communicate reliably until a repeater was added. When considering brands, I have had poor luck with Centralite plugs. For Zigbee I have a Tuya USB repeater in each upstairs room. Z-Wave repeaters are in the devices.


Add a few Sengled outlets as repeaters (the oval ones not the square ones)


Hi again,

I have 1 Hubitat hub, 16 Philips Hue smart plugs (repeaters) on an area of 114 square meters. Connected to that infrastructure I have 61 devices, 2 z-wave and 59 zigbee. The z-wave devices work fine, the issue is with the zigbee devices.

  1. I am aware of that the network probably isn't optimal as I initially connected devices close to the hub rather than on use location, but from a numbers perspective, is that setup enough repeaters?

  2. Two zigbee devices, both Philips hue motion senstors, still have the behaviour that they will connect and send an initial set of values and then stop transmitting. I have moved them around and reconnected and made sure that there are repeaters within a a couple of meters in the same room. Should I return them or is there anything else you would suggest I do?


I'm gonna assume the hue smart plugs are on the hubitat and not on a separate hue bridge or the like. The best way to test I think would be to pair the device close to the hub and see if it behaves properly and then move it to where you need it. If it doesn't work well it's a mesh issue. Another option may simply to be disconnect power to your hub (after cleanly shutting down) for a half hour. This will throw all your zigbee devices into panic mode. Bring the hub back up...Let the mesh settle for a day...

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