Are these supported? Don't see them in the docs

I'm hoping I didn't just waste my money on this thing but in my house I have..
Amazon Plugs (don't see this in the list)
Smart Life Plugs (well it's the Smart Life app, not in the list)
Lightify RGB LED Can lights (Not in the list)

They all work with Alexa and Google Home though. I was assuming they could be added to the Hubistat. Am I wrong?

I assume that these are all Wifi devices? If so, these are typically not supported.

If you do want to use them, you could always setup a virtual sensor/switch in Hubitat and share it with Alexa. Within alexa, you could setup a routine that turns the switch on or off based on the value of the virtual sensor.

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Amazon plugs are Wi-Fi only, so no direct control but can be used via virtual devices on HE and Alexa routines. Lightify I believe are zigbee, so you should be able to connect them direct if you want (may want to ask around as there may be a few caveats to be aware of) and use the generic drivers. On the Smart Life you might look at this thread:

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They should be on the list under Sylvania or Osram. I have had good luck with the Sylvania version made by Ledvance. The Osram version has Osram, not Sylvania printed on it and uses a Zigbee chip that I believe was intended for ZLL, not ZHA networks, and is known to be problematic on Hubitat’s ZHA network. That said, I recently realized that I still have a couple Osram can lights in my daughter’s bedroom that have been fine, but I have all the lights on a separate HE hub.
The Sylvania (Ledvance) lights all use the same firmware version and all work fine. I have 17 of the recessed RGBW lights going on 3 or 4 years now.

@user299 Chiming in. Most wifi stuff is cloud based. This is anathema to what Hubitat is about. Hubitat's main draw is the lack of need of the cloud to control devices. Putting everything in your hands. If the internet or an associated cloud service goes down your stuff will still work. An example of this is when AWS went down and alexa didn't work for anyone. Our stuff just worked because it is 100% local. Now there is some stuff directly supported by Hubitat that is wi-fi such as Lifx and Shelley products. These items though are 100% local. There are some cloud based products that are compatible but that is through Community written integrations. HE doesn't support these (I mean support as in if there is a problem with the program, they don't help you since it's not theirs)..

Now as far as your lightify, that is zigbee. It can pair with HE but it has to be reset first. Some of the lightify is ZLL based zigbee. These make bad repeaters. So when merged on the same mesh as ZHA devices (sensors, etc) the mesh can fall apart when the unit turns off because it stops repeating. The solution to this is to isolate ZLL bulbs/lights on their own mesh either using another hubitat or HUE bridge. (These can be directly controlled by hubitat in a single envoriment).

Have you looked at the compatibility list here?

Now a lot of things in the list do work that aren't on the compatibility list with the generic drivers provided it uses standard z-wave or zigbee attributes. When looking at stuff, read the forums or post a message. Chances are someone has it or tried... Or there may be a community driver available. In fact sometimes the community driver is better than the built in driver.

Install the Hubitat package manger. It will make life much easier :slight_smile:

Start with the simple automation app instead of Rule machine. Work your way up.

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