Are these log messages coming from the Device?

I've got an Enbrighten/Jasco 14298 outdoor on/off switch and I'm getting bursts of these log messages during different times of the day:

[dev:129]2022-02-18 07:14:07.928 am [info] Malibu Lights was turned off
[dev:129]2022-02-18 07:14:05.610 am [info] Malibu Lights was turned off
[dev:129]2022-02-18 07:14:04.645 am [info] Malibu Lights was turned off
[dev:129]2022-02-18 07:14:03.053 am [info] Malibu Lights was turned off
[dev:129]2022-02-18 07:14:01.998 am [info] Malibu Lights was turned off
[dev:129]2022-02-18 07:14:01.389 am [info] Malibu Lights was turned off

I assume these messages are being sent to my Hubitat C7 from the device. Anyone have this problem before and have a possible fix?

I would try rebooting the hub and see if they end.

Reboot didn't work I'm going try exlude-reset-include on the device to see if that works.

I think you can go to the device page and turn off the descriptive text logging

I will try that, although I think that is only masking the problem.

It's not a problem, as it says in the log it is just info. The driver is just sending this info because the option is turned on to give you the info. If you don't want the info you turn it off.

Actually re-reading your post it is not the info you have a problem with it's the fact that the light is receiving the off command, and you don't know where it's coming from?

You should look at the device page and see what rules it is tied to and see if perhaps it gives you a clue.

Probably, but enabling debug logging will show you what the driver is actually working with (descripionText logging here shows you what event, if any, the information ultimately got parsed into). Since this is a Z-Wave device, you'll probably see things like BasicReport or SwitchBinaryReport. Normally these are things the device sends on its own but normally only in response to changes or if the driver sends a "get" (unlikely, unless you have polling enabled--also unlikely for these devices given that they are new enough you shouldn't need to--or did a "refresh").

Since this wasn't explicitly mentioned: I'm assuming that your concern is the frequency of these messages and the fact that nothing changed (and that you would normally only see this come in on an actual change). If that's not right, maybe state what it is.

Turning off descriptionText logging, as you suspect, won't actually stop the data coming in--just the info entry in "Logs." Considering Z-Wave can sometimes be picky about heavy traffic, I'd probably try to eliminate the cause if I can. Running "Configure" once in the driver might, re-pairing might, or maybe check what apps are using the device in case any might indeed be refreshing it (unlikely, but...).

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