Are there any Zigbee IR blaster supported by HE?

Everyone leaves the damn TV's on all the time. I'm looking to get some Zigbee IR blasters so I can have a scene that turns everything off. Is anyone using these with HE?

I use a harmony hub for HE to IR

I’m using this excellent driver from @ogiewon


I have direct integration with the TV (Sony and Roku) so can directly turn on/off without IR. I only mention it, as you might not know that's an option on some TV.

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I have non-connected Vizio's, a couple of Samsungs, etc. But, all of them have an Amazon Fire TV connected to them. Can you do something with the Fire TV to use the CEC protocol to turn the TV off?

Any reason why you desire Zigbee as a protocol? HE can connect to devices via many methods. I happen to use the Global Cache IP2IR device. They also have WiFi devices:

I've looked at those. I need them in 5 locations, which is going to be expensive. I was thinking a Zigbee device might be cheaper.

Try the broadlink. It's cheap, like 30 bucks, works well. May take some tweaking to work with HE, but can be done. Check Paul hibbert's YouTube for broadlink and also this discussion.

I have a Remotec Z120 ir sender running our bedroom aircon. It is Z-Wave though.


The ZXT-120 is a device that’s pretty specific to a/c’s, although with the learning mode there is a way you could map theoretically any IR device command to its list of a/c modes and setpoints. But the logic for any automations could get pretty convoluted for that reason.

Remotec makes other z-wave to IR extenders that might work better with various av equipment, but I don’t know much about them.

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Hmmm... I have two Monoprice 6-zone audio systems connected in a stack. It has an IR repeater functionality. I could connect emitters to the keypads in the required rooms and use a single device to blast the whole house with IR when needed. Problem is that 2 locations don't have keypads in them right now.

Hi Tim, what device handler are you using with the ZXT120?


I am using the driver from the link below. I ported a version from another SmartThings driver.

Its all a bit clunky to program the IR codes into the device but it does work.

Hope this helps

I have an updated zxt driver if folks want to test. I follows more of the thermostat capabilities (as much as a zxt can)

see: Any hope for ZXT-120 Driver?

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