Are the ikea zigbee repeaters any good?

I've got some unbranded plugs that I'm thinking of replacing to get a better mesh, does anyone rate the ikea extenders?

There have been kudos here in the forum when IKEA repeaters were used in the same room to boost the signal to a device ---seeming to often be fan controllers. I bought a couple to try in my garage which is the furthest out on my network but also has the largest group of devices. The results from route table tracking showed poor performance, basically the mesh ignored the IKEAs located beside the target devices and reverted to the other, distant hardwired Jasco and Sylvania devices.

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They work well in terms of doing what they are supposed to and not causing issues, but have a comparatively low transmit power so aren't as useful in extending range as some other options.

That said, I use a couple Ikea repeaters and a couple outlets and they are chosen as repeaters by a few of my devices. So they can indeed work and extend range.

Interesting. In my experience, they seem to work well. That being said, there are several inexpensive zigbee 3.0 outlets now that seem to work really well as routers.

I fully agree. The Ikea repeaters do a fine job repeating all devices I have installed, but the problem is that they are low tx powered.

The Ikea plugs do a similar job repeating Zigbee signals, but do it at a higher power and reach.


Ikea Tradfri is a blessing from a benevolent Goddess that makes one's Zigbee woes disappear. I bought a bunch of them for $10 or so, plugged one in rooms with Zigbee devices that were "unreliable", and the problems ended.

I cannot stress how stark the difference is - "night and day" is not good enough. Its like "oxygen vs vacuum".

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