Are iDevices brand outdoor plugs supported?

I'm a newbie, HE has been ordered, but not yet received but I have a preparation question.

I am using an iDevice outdoor smart plug for my patio string lights. Can I use it with HE?

I do not believe that iDevices are Zwave of Zigbee.
So not directly can you control them.
I do not know if there is a hub or bridge you can incorporate with the HE.

They work within Homekit on iPhone.

I have an iDevices wired outlet and wall switch. You have three choices for control, but only one is local, and none are directly integrated.

  1. Use HomeKit (local). This will require you to setup a Homebridge server. You will have very good stability and reponse time using @dan.t 's Homebridge MakerAPI plugin for Hubitat. You then link it via HomeKit automations to a Hubitat virtual switch. This will give you a pseudo-local feedback to the switches state. There is no guarantee that it will not get out of sync, but with this version of the Homebridge plugin for Hubitat, I have had no problems at all.

  2. Install a custom Driver the simulates an active motion sensor when a switch is flipped. Then add that to an Alexa Routine to trigger the switch. This does not provide any feedback in HE. Youโ€™re basically hoping a switch turned on when it should have, and turned off when it should have.

  3. Use Google Assistant Relay to turn the switch on and off. This again requires that you set up a GS server to host Google Assistant Relay.

There is no need to own an Echo or Google Home for methods 2 & 3. Method 2 is the easiest and will cost you nothing extra, but method 1 will give you a true local method, with the only exception being that you must have either an iPad that is new enough to function as a HomeKit automation hub, or an AppleTV, or a HomePod. It is by far the most expensive method, but wonderful if you're already have what's needed. Having everything in HE available in HomeKit is very convenient, fast and reliable in my experience with the Homebridge MakerAPI plugin. I had trouble with previous iterations, but this one is rock solid for me.


Can also use Node-Red to bridge between Hubitat and HomeKit devices. Not really a good reason to do so over Dan's integration, though, unless you happen to already use Node-Red for other things and already have it setup.

Using Node-Red for this gets messy with complicated devices (thermostat), although is pretty easy for simple devices like an outlet or contact.

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Thanks! I will try option #1 first since I have AppleTVs (4 of them) running in my house.


Then that, in my opinion is your best option. It is how I control my iDevices stuff. It gives instant response.


I use a GE Z-Wave Plus outdoor outlet to control my string lights.

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Iโ€™m controlling one through Hubitat by exposing a virtual switch.

Under HomeKit I have a rule that says if that virtual switch turns on or off to turn on or off the idevice switch.

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