Are all 'Smart Lights Hackable'?

I have a bunch of these lights from MoonSide (

Their lights are great, their Mobile app and innovation of software is terrible.
Google home integration is flakey and every now and again the Bluetooth does not really respond.

It's all down to their app I am sure.

I have seen some tutorials on flashing some devices (Tuya) and done this with success on supported devices.

Was wondering what would be the approach for 'Some other Light' which works via Bluetooth / Wifi.?

How would I hook it up to start understanding what makes the LED's inside tick and so on..

Ideas anyone, doing this to educate myself as well as get these lights doing something useful.

It basically comes down to the chipset used in the device. There are widely varying methods for replacing the firmware on the device with some being as simple as flashing via wifi and others requiring soldering directly to certain pins on the board to push the firmware.

Tasmota is probably one of the most common firmwares that I've seen for this use. Easiest method would be to lookup the model here: Lights and LEDs

Ok so I took it apart and that was easy

Took a photo:

Google lens tells me:

CE 217-204070
CMAT ID:2020DP2713
(δΈœε˜‰δΏ‘ζ―η§‘ζŠ€(上桷) ι™δ»½ζœ‰ι™ε…¬εΈ

Which gives me the pdf:

So this AFAIK is similar to the Tuya devices

Next need to understand how to connect via wifi and push my required firmware.