Are all CC2531 Router/repeater so chatty?

I've got one of the CC2531 Router stick. It was recongnized as "device" It seems to work well, but it is so verbose that I suspect I've got a 500 error after a couple of days due to that attitude.
Here following an example of the logs of few hundreths of second ...

Did I do something wrong?

Are you using the stock firmware or the modified firmware that was linked to here?

i've used at least two different firmware loads. One was supplied from an older distribution of zigbee2mqtt, other is the one linked here. I believe both report every 60 seconds. The link also has debug versions which I have not tried. I viewed the 60 second report as a positive since my time is important and limited while setting up the network. The stock CC2531 firmware is only a sniffer not a router.

It should have Zigbee2mqtt (I've got it pre-installed). 60 seconds are OK for me, but it seems my key is much lesss.

Most of the pre-installed zigbee2mqtt radios are controllers not routers

May be I'm wrong, but the key is 2 hop from HE and it appeared in the HE route table

I'll try to burn a new firmware, resuming my old Arduino stuff...
It is the RP04 device

It seems to have paired directly to RP02-IACOPO? Mine all began paired to the controller. A few of them ended up not on the Neighbor Table but I always try to change that. CC2531 radio is kind of polarized and rotation of the device often helps out quite a bit.

That doesn't mean it's a repeater. It only means that it is connecting via RP02.

Good point. I changed position and it appeared in the Neighbors Table, so it should be a repeater

Okay. And your point is? Routers can be just as chatty as end devices depending on the firmware.

That is my question: is an info log every 20-50 ms (see my first post) normal?
It sound strange to me...

This isn't a "normal" device. It will all depend on the firmware. If you want normal, use something off the compatible devices list. Otherwise, you may not get normal functionality.

That is the answer. So I definitely have to burn a new firmware.

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