Aquara sensors on sale on Amazon (Aaaand it’s over)

The temp sensor is only $15 (usually $19 or more) the contact sensor is $16 and the “cube” button/scene controller is $17.50

Just in time for @markus’s new drivers

Standard disclaimer: Most Xiaomi/Aqara devices are not fully zigbee compliant, and can have issues dropping off/becoming unresponsive depending on what other devices you have on your zigbee mesh.

They are great devices, at a great price point, if you have a compatible mesh though.

So if you are new to Xiaomi/Aqara, please go read some of the threads about considerations/compatible repeating devices before buying - to know what you are getting into!


There may be a smartThing's community Device Handler that can be modified. From the tommio Review on Amazon;

Step 1 - add the device handlers for each sensor in the Smartthings Groovy IDE
I added these devices to my Smartthings hub (v2) by grabbing the code for the device handlers for each sensor on github published by user bspranger (ArstenA in the Smartthings community forum). Once I created and published bspranger's handlers in my account in IDE, I started pairing mode by long pressing the reset button on the sensors, then adding the devices in the Smartthings Classic app on my Android phone (i.e. "add a thing").

Also since one of the main benefits of using these sensors seems to be their very low price point, sites that ship direct from china like aliexpress, gearbest or banggood tend to sell them regularly for even a few dollars less than the discounted amazon prices. Shipping takes longer, of course (much longer, sometimes).

It's all a bit of a balancing act with these things when it comes to cost and time spent getting your zigbee mesh to play nice with them (which can be a hidden cost, generally not worth it IMHO).


Also there are native Hubitat drivers. See:

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Bought the Temperature Sensor from Amazon and installed using the code at the link below. Installed readily (see instructions on previous link) and appears to work well. But time will tell.


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