Aqara Temp/Humidity/Pressure Sensor and HVAC Filters

Just got a notification from my Ecobee thermostat that I should change my air filters.
But are they really getting clogged up?

I was considering taping one of these Xiaomi Aqara Temp/Humidity/Pressure Sensors to the back of a filter to see if I could use the difference between the air pressure when fan is and is not running to determine when replacement is needed.

Before I invest the time and money, I wondered if this august group had any thoughts.

Would it have to communicate through a metal plenum?

More likely through the filter and air intake grate.

I dropped a zigbee contact sensor in there and its temperature reports are coming through.
So I think zigbee transmission wise it’s OK.

Now the real question is will a barometer device sense enough pressure drop to be useful?

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Is the juice worth the squeeze based on how much the filters cost? Clean filters help your hvac run more efficiently which ultimately uses less energy. Just replace them is my motto regardless.

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There are several factors to consider:
— Some antiallergenic filters can cost $25 each
— Over replacement adds to the landfills
— Forgetting to replace them is not good for your health or your HVAC
— An most importantly, it’s a challenge to implement and to get it right :innocent:

Let’s end this thread and continue the discussion in the Longue.