Aqara Smart Wall Switch (with Neutral, Double Rocker) - Model WS-USC04

Hey all!

I picked up one of these as there was a 20% off coupon on Reddit, and wanted to give my report now that I have had a chance to connect it to the hub.

When it initially paired it defaulted to the Nue Zigbee Switch driver. It did not function with that driver, so I switched to the generic Zigbee switch driver, and only one side worked.

I'm not sure what I would need to share in order for a driver to be created, or where I could go to create my own (I don't know groovy, but I do a lot of PowerShell, some .Net, and am staring to learn Python).

Thanks all!

See if one these will work.

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@biglib Welcome to the community

There is no direct mention of that model number for any of those drivers, but you could try this one linked from the above post:

EDIT: I almost forgot, don't forget the child device driver:

If that one doesn't work let me know and we'll see what I can do. Where did you get this model from? I've not seen it before, is it a US only model?

I gave that a try, and no dice.

Yes, this is the US version. I would link to it, but it looks like I can't.


I gave the double switch driver a try, and no dice.

Thank you!

I forgot the child device driver, link in my first post. Add that and try again. Once you have that child device driver, press Recreate Child Devices.


Jackpot! That worked! Both buttons now function.

Thank you!


Hi @biglib, Greetings.

Can you please confirm, both the relays were working independently and you are able to control both
through physical switches. I have two wired on the network . Though both are working from HE rules, But only one endpoint is working via physical switch.

Thanks in advance.

Markus are you still maintaining this driver?

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