Aqara double-relay for old roller shutter setup

Hi everyone!

Recently I bought my hubitat elevation.
Before I was using a polish product called Zamel Extafree. (closed system which uses one way micro-wifi communication)

Most relay's I have replaced with new z-wave and zigbee relay's.
For roller shutters I would like to leave the old relay's as I got 12... Anyway I'm using them with local function. (In the evening all close and in the morning open at once )

For this purpose I bought 2 devices:

Aqara's 2 outputs are connected with Zamel's 2 inputs.
I have added Aqara's drivers code to hubitat: Aqara Wall Switch (QBKG11LM, QBKG12LM, neutral), Double relay (LLZKMK11LM) + Generic Child Switch

Thought that's it...
Now the problem :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Zamel Extafree relay's open/close via 2 channels (open via channel 1, close via channel 2, monostable). So I can't program the normal zigbee way ON/OFF. As turning ON will power on input/channel 1 (zamel transmitter), OFF will turn off the same channel.

The Aqara relay got 2 outputs, so I should be able to achieve my goal....
Is it possible to merge both generic child switches into one?
so ON = output 1 (child switch 1 monostable), OFF = output 2 (child switch 2, monostable)
and finally I will have 1 Switch in the dashboard for ON/OFF?

I'm an amateur if it comes to programming... so would really appreciate any help !!

Hope I could explain it clear.
Thanks !

Does it support http commands, do you have access to its api? Or access the messages from your old system?

Nope, but the old system isn't a problem, as I control all shutters it via Zamel's transmitter inputs.
Just need to get both Aqara's child devices into one in Hubitat.
ON = output 1 (child switch 1 monostable)
OFF = output 2 (child switch 2, monostable)

Those outputs will control Zamel's 2 inputs/channels.

What is the actually use case you are trying to solve?
I understand that one switch is on and one is off but what problem is this causing?

To have one button in the dashboard where:
ON (roller shutter down) = output 1 (child switch 1)
OFF (roller shutter up) = output 2 (child switch 2)

As I can't control the shutter with one output.

The easiest way would be to create a virtual device with a rule that maps on & off to the different switches.

Just did it and it might solve the problem. It's almost working.
Current conditions:
Turn ON Virtual Device = Turn On Switch - Child Relay 1
Turn OFF Virtual Device = Turn On Switch - Child Relay 2

How I can set those child switches to monostable, so I get this outcome?
Turn ON Virtual Device = Turn On & Off Switch - Child Relay 1
Turn OFF Virtual Device = Turn On & Off Switch - Child Relay 2

For now did it this way and its working, but I think it's the noobest way ever :stuck_out_tongue:

An App like this might do what you want...

I don't think the switch binding app will work for this due to the buttons having to be momentary but I don't use it so can't say for sure.

Here is how the rule should look.


Virtual switch changed


If Virtual Switch is on Then
Relay 1 on
Relay 1 off delay 1s
Relay 2 on
Relay 2 off delay 1s
End if

You will have an issue that if the physical switch is pushed that the virtual switch will become out of sync with the actual position of the shutter

thanks @at9 !